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When we started in 2010, we were just a tight group dedicated to the craft of product building. Our attitude hasn’t changed—but since then, we’ve grown to be a team of 110+ team members with every skill web software needs to be successful. From the first concept to the grand release.

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We deliver software, security and advisory solutions for companies across dozens of industries spanning real-estate to healthcare and verticals extending beyond AI and IOT.

How we work

Our working, living and even resting culture is constantly improved with simpler solutions, and apps play a great role in that process. We at Softohelp are often amazed with some of the brilliant ideas our potential clients bring to the table, thinking–how does one come up with something like that?

Client first focus

The specific objectives that your business is seeking to accomplish are our core mission and how we put your firm first. With all efforts we encourage and embrace independent thinking and the pursuit of knowledge to benefit our clients.

Community, with love

There’s nothing more exciting than going out there and saying why what you do matters. That’s what motivates us when we organize, support and attend to local events in Wrocław.

Efficiency and quality mentality

Consulting teams have to have operate at levels above their peer groups in order to thrive. The natural benefit for clients is an efficient team that is driven by the market to produce quality. The best teams win and the proven engineering processes that have allowed our founders to exit multiple firms are built into our efforts.

Meet our team

Technology alone is not enough to succeed, every product needs a team of passionate people who will give it their best.

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