Adobe - Case Study

An inventory management and procurement app for hotels built with React.js and Python.


Every project starts with a central idea, a problem statement that drives the conversation. Understanding clients’ business goals is at the core of what we do. Our initial efforts ensure we understand the actionable objectives, tasks, deliverables, priorities tied to your core business goals.


Any good business plan has to be doable to work! Your stakeholders will meet with the project team for a research engagement tailored to fit your project. We will define the specific functionalities required by your users— we can validate this with research if appropriate and speak to third-party vendors where necessary. We combine these puzzle pieces into a preliminary plan, which will guide the rest of the project. The shared vision of what the end product will be and who it will be for takes shape


The Adobe Livefyre project was a major success for the Adobe brand and now serves a major role in the content landscape for brands around the globe. Softohelp’s custom software development services team helped define a new breed of digital experiences by enabling brands to integrate real-time social and unified brand experiences into their content strategy.

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