If you are looking to make a video with full HD resolution of what’s happening on your desktop computer. Also, create a screenshot, game recording, create demonstration videos. And of course, have a good opportunity to share this recorded video Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia and many other platforms.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some of the most usable and common best free screen recording software for windows 10 that you can download easily and start your video making immediately.

And also, if you want, you can see how each software is used.

OBS Studio

In my view, It’s best to use it for free. Enriched with many powerful features. You can all add your webcam or any other camera if you want. You also have the option to add a logo if you have one. HD video can be recorded in 30 frames per second. OBS studio is easy to use free screen capture software windows 10 and video recording job tasks.


Also, the OBS studio is open source, and you can download OBD completely free and use without restriction.

The gorgeous features for OBS studio are youtube streaming. You can finish your task live streaming and recording both. That’s interesting to me. The most important part is it can record directly to your graphic card. Customization like you need. The studio support full-screen mode. I would like to inform you finally Download and install OBS Studio and happy recording.

Download OBS Studio: Download OBS

FlashBack Express

Our no 2 listed flashback express. Flashback Express comes two types. Free and Pro. you can download and start recording videos for the free versions. But some limitations.

Since I talked about the free screenshot video recorder. So let’s talk about FlashBack Express free version first.  


It is an excellent choice for OBS studio. You can record your full screen or selected area or a webcam. Finished your recording you got a surprise because it offers a simple editor that where you can crop and trim to suit your video. And export it easily to Youtube, FTP server, local PC or another platform.


The free version you can’t access video editing. Can’t use any video effect to trigger your video. Moreover, you can not edit any pictures, words or text for free mode editing. But don’t worry about the watermark.

Download FlashBack Express: Download FlashBack


The lightweight simple video recording software software is a good choice for the occasional user is the best suite for CamStudio. Editing video with minimal editing needs. You can export your videos in AVI format that can later be converted to any format using format factory software.


It allows you to small size video. But the interesting part you can use your custom cursor. But allover CamStudio tries for further development and increase technical support for their users.

Download CamStudio: Download CamStudio


Bandicam is the best perfect screen recording software for audio and both webcam capture. And the other thing is one of the best game recording software. Because most of the game recorder is not so perfect full screen capturing. For windows, users capture content for external devices like XBOX or Playstation.

Also about to Know:

Screen recording mode allows you to a specific area of your screen. Capturing footage of a game-play using webcams mobile phones or game-playing devices no lagging DirectX technology on windows system.


Bandicam is not totally free. But it gives you 30 days trial with full features. And I honor to say, when to export your video, you have got a watermark is put into the output screencast. But the satisfaction word is when you purchase a full license than it can be automatically removed.

However, at the finished, I requested you, subscribe to my newsletter and you have got Bandicam free using. (How to get Bandicam for free).

Download Bandicam: Download BandiCam

Icecream Screen Recorder

Another best screen recorder for desktop software for using live streaming video, or specific application running on your Windows 10. Icecream recorder some of popular for its intuitive interface. You record your screen like a web browser. And the same time recording you add annotation like text arrows or numbers on the screen. You can get some other format resolution. There are MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI.


Download Icecream Screen Recorder: Icecream Recorder


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