I hope everyone is good. Welcome to this important post today. The keyword is that we all search on the internet or search for information in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and search for that topic. To extract information, what is searched in the search engine is the keyword is directly in the language.

For example, if you want to know who is the richest person in the present world is or where the sun rises, then you must search by writing –

Who is the richest person in present world or Which direction the sunrise?

Today we discuss the best keyword research tool 2020. Keywords are very important for a quality website. You will never find a website on Google without keywords. Or it may be said that to get the first page of Google, your website must do keyword research and publish an article. You can use any keyword you want. Certain processes can be followed by choosing a keyword, that is, when a visitor enters the search engine by typing that keyword, your website first comes up. And this whole process is called keyword research.

If you know why keyword research is important, then it is important to research your keywords directly or indirectly to bring you the content you publish about promoting affiliate products or services through your search engine. Since keyword research is a very important thing, you cannot do this without money. But there is nothing to fear. Some online portals/tools offer you free keyword research. But not all of you can completely use all the features.

How are some tools used for research to help you find the best keywords? If you want to get a good visitor to your website then there is no other alternative to keyword research. Because if you publish your website without doing keyword research, then no visitor will find you and it will not get ranking on Google.

Below is a list of the most popular keywords in Keyword Research.

Let’s Start more about 5 Best Keyword Volume Tool in 2020.

Google Keyword Research Tools


First of all, I prefer Google. Because here you can get your keyword research done for free. Google Keyword Research Tool is one of the best google keyword tools worldwide for keyword research. Google introduced its service in late 2000.

Google Keyword Planner tool comes with many benefits for advertisers. I’ll give you some ideas on what you can do with it. Through this, you can set up Google’s paid campaign, all types of keywords and long-tail keywords, recommendations for all keywords and their search volume, ad compression rate. You can easily find out which keyword is quite popular for a particular site.

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With Google Keyword Tools, you can search any keyword you want and you can find the keyword you need. That’s why I prefer it because you rank your site on Google that’s why Google knows who is your main visitor and comes from where. That’s why Google knows only which keywords are most searched by visitors. The feature of Google Keyword Planner Tools is that when you do keyword research here you will get a lot of information that the biggest search engine Google will give you now.

However, there are some limitations if you want to know something about a specific keyword for your/other sites if it is from another search engine then you will not know it here. Here you will get a complete idea of ​​Google’s default search. And finally, I want to say that you need a Gmail account to use it.

Keyword Tool


The keyword research tool I will be discussing now is the keyword Tool. You can also find out the keywords you need by using this tool. If you are an online business manager or owner you need to set up your entire online business based on specific keywords. There is no alternative way to without keyword research. Keyword Tool allows you to do keyword research tasks completely because it is one another best keyword volume tool.

Keyword Tool is one of the platforms that is considered one of the top local keyword research tools in the market. Keyword Tool finds a unique keyword for you. If you want to save your keywords in CSV format on your computer, you can do it. Moreover, it provides you with multiple searches and analyses, including Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and App-Store. Hold their brand as one of the most important easy-to-use tools for beginners.

Google Trends


One of the tools I will discuss now is Google Trends. Google Trends researches trending topics. The result is available monthly basis. For example, in the month of elections in the United States, the election is more hit to be searched on Google. But after a few months, the trending topic does not appear to search again. That’s compared to Google Trends.

You can easily see in Google Trends how much a keyword is in a given month and how many searches have been done in a location in the last month or year. It is one of the SEO best keyword tools all over the world.



With SemRush tools, you can easily find the suggestions from all the major search engines by typing your desired search engine and each country, language, and keywords that you need. It helps you identify good keywords, and you can find related keywords, long-tail keywords, and their search density and more.



Spyfu is an important tool for analyzing your Competitor. Here you can uncover different types of valuable virtual keywords for your nice site. Spyfu allows you to search your keyword by comparing it to competing websites. Discover the reasons for ranking and changes in your ranking history for various reasons. And you get the benefit of having an in-depth analysis of your domain.


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