Thank you so much for trying to find out about Betheme Review. Betheme is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the ThemeForest marketplace. This theme is a versatile premium WordPress theme by Muffin Group. The Muffin Group has made it a fully powerful theme with their highest effort and experience. Through a company called Envato, they have been selling this theme around the world.

This theme is said to be one of the best-selling themes in the market today and one of the most acclaimed. Betheme WordPress theme was released in May 2014 with a handful of interesting tools. Whoever likes it must agree with one foot. Because the whole architecture of the body uses all the ingredients that make his body completely self-sufficient.

You can choose the Betheme WordPress theme to build any website in architecture, e-commerce business, food business, medical care, sports, fashion, technology industry. Since this is a popular theme, we decided to compare the features of this theme and see how flexible and easy it is for you.

Something about Betheme Review

Betheme is a WordPress theme that is versatile and responsive and self-contained. Surprisingly, this theme has been sold more than 21 thousand times so far (at the time of my posting). As you know, ThemeForest is a popular WordPress theme shopping store.

ready made website

The muffin group has about 15 items so far in the ThemeForest shop. Betheme is one of them. And they have strong contact and portfolio. Their strong portfolio has been through the sale of the Betheme theme.

This team has sold over a million dollars worth of products in the ThemeForest marketplace. If you review their website, you can see that they’ve got the best levels of the ThemeForest marketplace as a weekly bestseller, monthly bestseller, power elite author and outstanding featured author.

Betheme Features

Premium WordPress Themes You will see many features, functions and many options. This is why premium themes are so popular. So today we have compared some features of Betheme that make it a popular choice among WordPress users. So, let’s start with the Betheme review.

multiple website made betheme

1-Click Demo Installation

Most premium themes associate one or more demo websites with their service. One of the problems most strangers complain about is that when they install the theme, premium themes look nothing like demos. A demo is a website that allows you to quickly create websites by spending time in theme setup. Betheme WordPress theme comes with a 1-click demo installation where you can view over 500 demos. 

pre build website betheme

Feel free to pick your favorite website from this 500+ demo. The demo installation process is very simple. In this case, all you need is an internet connection.

150+ Readymade Layout

I mentioned earlier, the Betheme Premium theme supports 1-click demo installation. It has been much simpler and thinner than ever before. When you buy Betheme, you will find that the package for the overall Muffin theme is much more modest and thin. Which they showed as a lighter theme package only 6 MB. So launching your website with one click has been made easy.

lighter package betheme

Drug and Drop Page Builder (Muffin Builder) To build an interesting page, you must rely on something. With the default classic editor available with WordPress, it’s almost impossible to build a mind-blowing page. Premium WordPress themes have their own page builder, so you can build a web page with the sweetness of your mind.


This will certainly help you create a complete layout for any page or post on your website. For your users, a graphical interface using Muffin Builder is committed to creating unique page layouts. There are many formats you can see, just pick a layout and then start adding custom items to different sections. You’ll only get a full idea of ​​it when you use it, and it’s extremely powerful, easy to use.

Free Visual Composer Plugin

I certainly like the good news. Visual Composer is a popular WordPress drag & drop page creator plugin. When you buy Betheme, the entire Betheme demo is included as well. And it works really well with this theme. Visual Composer gives you complete freedom to create virtually any page without writing a single line of code. The Visual Composer plugin is extremely easy to use and is incredibly powerful.

Header Style

Header style is nothing to worry about. More than 20 styles have been added to Betheme. Which you can use at any time with different layouts. You can replace your header with a logo and navigation. You get the benefit of having it wherever you wish. You can place it in the right sidebar, in the left sidebar or Header in the footer area You can use the style. 


It can also adjust the width and height of the title in the region. You can completely customize this area of ​​the header anyway. Where you can upload your own logo, add fonts or change colors. One of the features of the header is that you can undo this awesomeness by using a menu in this area. This feature allows you to create a dynamic menu. 

Shortcode Generator

Betheme demo helps you minimize your time with a powerful shortcode generator. Along with Betheme comes with about a dozen shortcodes that you can use anywhere on your website. These shortcuts help you add and remove content directly to any post, page, and region in your WordPress. Using it you can easily select a function and post a copy of it.

Parallax and Video (Background)

Adding a video background, your website’s user interface is enriched with many more features. Which can create a better user experience on your site? Using it makes your website look great. Support creating a beautiful page using parallax and video backgrounds. It supports a full-screen background and a full-screen video background.

Google Font

The main view of the website is its font. Moreover, this font serves as an important feature for getting the ranking of Google. Typography performs such a major field B theme competitors. It lets you choose phones from 600+ Google fonts. Plus it lets you use any custom font. All you need to do is download and upload your fonts. And then you can use it anywhere on your website. 

Documentation and Support

Most newborns want to know how their websites look and feel beautiful and professional. Many feature page creators also help you create something new with the help of shortcuts. Or if you are new, need help using these features. Newborns want how their website can perform better. Betheme comes with great support options for users using all modern level skills.

Something New Here

When you purchase a new theme, there must be comprehensive online documentation to analyze every feature of that theme. And theme creators also use their theme to explain how to give your website a more dynamic and better performance. You will receive online documentation at the office with Betheme demo. Each step of the online documentation explains the features of each topic, and every detail is easy to understand.

And there’s a growing collection of video tutorials for users who don’t like online documentation. Which helps to set up their websites more. Nonetheless, users will have questions about where to report their problems during the website or if they have any problems in the future. That’s why Betheme brings to access to support forums where writers and experts answer users’ questions.

Some More Features

  • One of the more interesting features of Betheme is that you can display as many menubars as you want on different pages. And improve the site’s visual impact on visitors. You can set up an action bar on the title section to promote some valuable content, your slogan, a social icon, phone number, email address and more.
  • As an important part of your company’s brand identity, the customization of your website name and the various ways are easy. You can change the area of ​​the web site below using the default layout and custom adjustments.
ecommerce website betheme
  • Betheme brings you five post formats. With which you can display your sorted posts in five ways. This content makes any website attractive and alluring. Each of these posts you Muffin Builder or Visual Composer can adjust using.
  • When you use pictures on your website, you can show them your visitors through a modern like box. Image Video and Slider are some powerful tools you can use to captivate your viewers. You can watch videos embedded directly from YouTube or Vimeo video channels with your viewers through the lightbox.
betheme experts
  • If you want to style your website in spite of all these options, just use a sidebar. Betheme can display two sidebars simultaneously. 
  • There is a settings panel called Betheme Muffin Panel which has all the necessary functions and all related options. The muffin maker helps you get a brighter, cleaner look and faster loading website with lots of options.
  • Drug & Drop lets you select and add up to over 60 ingredients to your own content. This video allows you to clone sections of the page and items so that you can use the same page over and over again. This saves you a lot of time. A new feature has also been added that makes the admin menu more hidden and allows you to write content without distracting other elements.


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