Welcome to today’s post tutorial. Hope everyone is well. Today I will discuss a problem. I hope you understand the title Windows 10 photo viewer alternative solution.

Microsoft has released their latest product in 2015. One of the major changes that have made so many changes is to modify the Windows Photo Viewer and replace a modern-day photo app. And this change has caused some problems in its performance.

The app takes a significant amount of time before previewing an image. It certainly leaves a bad image in the viewer’s mind. This is because most people usually use the default photo application on their Windows PC. We will solve this problem here.

Before I say anything, those of us who use Windows 7 recently or even now don’t experience this problem. Because the software of the previous version was not so rich in features, our work would have been done. I won’t talk about all other photo applications, but I will talk about Windows 7 photo viewer software. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find a better Windows 10 image viewer alternative.

And today’s key point is bringing back the version of Windows 7. Which can replace the new app? Also, you can compare my work with a small hack. Which can bring back the old Windows Photo Viewer to Windows 10?

You can follow along with me to complete the process.

Click on the link below to download the software. Click on the link below to download the software. Get rid of the problem by following the screenshot after downloading it.

After downloading, unzip the file and come to the installation.


After you have completed the steps, you will need to set the default settings of the photo application. For this go to the setting option and enter the default app. Then display the Windows Photo Viewer. Finish your work in diameter.


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