One thing I want to be clear about, at present, one cannot imagine without WordPress. Because many people like you and I want to build a career on the Internet with no coding knowledge. If you want to get started with affiliate marketing or blogging, you will need the minimum coding knowledge to create a website. By the way, I’m going to go back to today’s main topic without talking about it.

Currently, there is a lot of interaction with premium WordPress themes. So I think these costly themes create a confusing situation in the world. But there is a piece of good news for this you will find some really simple WordPress themes that you can undoubtedly use on your blog.

We’ve included the top ten simple free clean WordPress themes here that won’t get your head rolled out when you start customizing. Speaking of turning heads, Premium WordPress Themes have so many settings and options panels that you can’t find your original bid option. Managing to install these simple WordPress themes and coding hassles will not let you down.

The design and customization of these sites you can do for yourself are so easy and focus on you. I can easily say it can take time, but the result will be worth the effort.

What is the difference between a simple WordPress theme and a premium WordPress theme? First, you will find a clean and natural layout in common free clean WordPress themes that ensures your site has a nice refined and great look on all modern mobile devices. Because now everyone uses smartphones. If your website doesn’t support your smartphone beautifully, you will never be happy with your website.

Secondly, the functionality of your site. Common themes like these are plugins and the hassle of unnecessary coding. So you can feel free to use any of the 10 WordPress themes I choose to start blogging freely.



Astra is a very popular best free WordPress theme that are called a colorful theme but in no way be mistaken. This is a ready-made website called for lifestyle, fitness, food, business or personal websites. With this theme, you can create multiple pages of your own, and it has different custom widgets and you can use unlimited colors here.

This theme is very thin and will allow you to quickly adjust your daily tasks, including drag and drop. This theme allows you to use one or more plugins to completely refine your website without any problems. Astra is a great theme for speed and performance.



One of the big differences between the premium theme and the free theme is that you do not get many features in the free theme that is available in the premium theme. The theme we have in the second row is a simple DIDI WordPress theme with an elegant and minimal design. This extraordinary beautiful theme has multiple homepage layouts, including a page template and an advanced design with widgets.

Among all the DIDI themes you can see are the options that you can easily find. This theme gives you the convenience of live customization. Most importantly, this theme is supported by Woocommerce. This is one of the major benefits of free themes. This simple and beautiful design will help you a lot with minimal effort.



If you are worried about the beautiful setup and performance then this Hestia theme is an easy solution for you. Ready to take you to this theme at a unique height. This gives you the advantage of nice customization. Whose flower control is upon you. You can create any page with this theme by using different page builder.

You will find many free Best Builders in WordPress Main directory for designing attractive pages. I always say free themes are not often supported by e-commerce. This Hestia theme can turn your website into a store with e-commerce. Get the benefits of translation and create a new theme for starting a new website. If you wish, you can use the premium version of the theme in the future.



Not just talking about this theme. Because when I started my first web site in the first place, I started to zero in on this theme. Beautiful layout Elegant and simple is the best free themes specifically designed for all platforms. With it, you can easily create a blog site magazine site restaurant online store fitness website and an elegant beautiful layout website for other companies.

Along with the theme, you will get a free page builder that can be used to create page combinations with your mind. It supports multiple layouts of the blog, and powerful premium extensions and multiple post formats encourage you to work more. You can use the custom logo here if you find your menu and social buttons to share via social media. You can create this theme with an amazingly beautiful online store so you don’t have to spend any money.



The atmosphere theme also ranks among the top free themes. Beautiful simple design and a very thin theme. It is easy to create any kind of website. Customization is easy and it’s a great WordPress theme for creating business websites, portfolio websites, and personal websites.

The home page can be designed as your own through any free page builder and has the advantage of live customization, and the Atmosphere theme can easily set up two layout templates. As a free theme, it is quite ahead of other themes. And its load speed doesn’t take long.



The magazine theme is based on many features. With it, you can create your blog, a news website or any technology-related site. The magazine is well known for its general design and powerful features.

It also has many more powerful features than other free themes. From the beginning, this theme has more than 42 built-in layouts. Which can be used for free. You can give any look by customizing the live theme. Using the slider with it will give you a unique feel.



The presence theme is a great theme for any business organization. It can be easily created with any type of business website. Because this theme is a business theme created by adding features of different business organizations. As you use it, you will get ten demo websites.

The layout of your favorite design can easily be chosen. The presence theme can be used to create websites like hotels, real estate, corporate, agencies, music bands, and many other businesses. Slider usage and posts can be easily sorted. You will also get the benefits of e-commerce here.



Beautiful is a great theme for blogging. The theme allows you to beautify your blog posts. Plus, you have the benefit of setting up your profile here. This is a beautiful stylish WordPress beauty theme. You will find it with four widget areas and templates for your blog homepage landing pages.

It’s designed to make your posts look great. You don’t have to take any tension for its speed and performance. A lightweight theme and SEO optimization play a huge role.



Maxwell is a simple free WordPress magazine and blog theme. The beauty of it is bound to impress you. Get a sidebar with it that makes your posts beautiful. Also, feel free to get the social buttons at the top corner.

You will get a slider that is extraordinarily featured with this theme, and the two navigation menus are always ready to create an interesting experience for you. And all of this can be easily set up with live customizers in an instant.



OnePress is a beautiful and stylish-looking free top free WordPress themes. One of the most striking features is the use of beautiful typography. You can create a one-page website with the theme of e-commerce with the convenience of e-commerce. I am truly amazed that you will fall in love with this theme as you watch it. There is a very nice menubar and with live customization, you can easily change any of its variants.

What I want to tell you more about through this post is that many people ask me questions, whether to start blogging or affiliate marketing, I will first use a free theme or use a premium theme. I would like to let them know that if your budget is limited you can start with a free theme in the first place.

Google ranking will come up on your blog or website and you will start earning from there when your website has a high number of visitors then this website will need a high-quality server. And the free theme you are using will pay the premium. In the first case, I don’t think there is any need to spend so much. I hope you understand.


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