If you are looking for a good quality VPN to use on your device and if your device is a Windows operating system, this post will play a very important role for you. We’ll talk about How to Install ExpressVPN Windows 10 today. 

ExpressVPN can give you the experience of using a VPN very easily. Because it’s incredibly easy to run on a Windows operating system. So ExpressVPN is currently considered among our top recommendations.

ExpressVPN is powered by its own application. Like other apps, it’s not just limited to online. This is good news for you. Since ExpressVPN is powered by a self-contained app, its role is crucial to starting and protecting your online activities.

Before getting started with ExpressVPN Windows:

Before getting started with ExpressVPN, you’ll need to make sure that you open an account on the ExpressVPN website or sign up for an account. The bad news is that ExpressVPN can’t be used for free. 

ExpressVPN Deals

Because they don’t allow any free trial version. But the good news is, if you don’t like the service within 30 days, you get a 30-day moneyback guarantee. And right now you can get 15 months for twelve associated prices with that money-back guarantee.

expressvpn deals

You can buy their subscription just as you please. That’s why many packages will offer you. Your preferred subscription level can be just 1 month, 6 months, 12 months and 15 months. If you agree to subscribe, they will offer you including bitcoin and other payment gateways to choose a subscription.

Why would you use ExpressVPN?

  • ExpressVPN is called number one because it provides the service while maintaining the importance of all your privacy.
  • Overcoming Web content restrictions and censorship, ExpressVPN grants you unlimited access to video, music, social media and more from anywhere in the world.
  • You can wander online, anywhere, anytime, secure and anonymously. ExpressVPN lets you encrypt your IP address and encrypt your network data so no one can see what you’re doing. Just one click and you feel secure.
  • ExpressVPN can be used on all devices around the world. ExpressVPN provides easy-to-use applications for each device. ExpressVPN has a priority on operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, routers and many more.
  • Powerful ExpressVPN provides you complete protection from hackers with the best-in-class encryption online, and of course, defeat spy by using ExpressVPN.
  • Use the Internet with no borders and access anywhere on the Internet. And say goodbye to the geo-blocks.
  • Express VPN is super-charged and can connect to any unlimited bandwidth and super fast server. So it is foolish to think about time.

ExpressVPN Install on Windows

To install ExpressVPN Windows, you must first set up an account. Since you cannot use it without a subscription, you will be given an activation code to install on a Windows PC. You will find the activation code in the Dashboard of your account. And without it, you wouldn’t be able to install it on a Windows PC.

Directly Enter ExpressVPN Website – Click Here

Once signed up, you must log into your account dashboard. There you will find a list of download links.


You have to do the subscription work first. If you are not able to or scared in any way, you can contact their support and they will help you the most.

Once the software is downloaded, follow these steps:

First, open your software.


Click Sign-in.


Enter the activation code found in ExpressVPN’s Dashboard.


Make sure you want to launch ExpressVPN automatically when booting the PC.


Now your work is almost done. ExpressVPN is now on your computer. It’s a self-contained app, so you don’t have to set up it elsewhere.


The last step is to turn it on at any location. ExpressVPN has several powerful servers. As such, there are more than 3000 servers inside 160 locations in 94 countries. So you have full freedom here. Because no matter where you are in the world, you can use ExpressVPN’s powerful network.

Simply determine the location you want and click the button above.

ExpressVPN is updating its services to enhance your experience. There are other settings that you may want to consider once you get a better experience.

Since you purchased VPN you have complete control over it. You can actually see exactly what ExpressVPN is not doing inside of you. ExpressVPN lets you set up on a per-application basis. Where you can use different rules for each of your applications. For example, suppose you are watching a movie, you may need to email you right away. This is not unusual. But you can do it.

In the first case, you can try ExpressVPN’s lowest package. It might be a good idea to set it up to start small. If you want to use the same server locations later when you’re done, you can. Because ExpressVPN allows you to use the latest experience.

ExpressVPN Chrome

ExpressVPN Chrome Extention for the popular Google Chrome browser can be very helpful for you. You can install and start using Chrome directly. It’s free here.

How to install Google Chrome Extension?

Click the link below and go to the official page of the extension. Click Here


Microsoft Edge, like Google Chrome, and if you use another browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini), both now require the Windows desktop application to be installed and running.

Good to say, you can use five sessions at a time on your own 1 account. Because ExpressVPN will allow you to have exactly five sessions and feel comfortable to use on your mobile device as well. Unless you use ExpressVPN – You won’t be able to access all of its features.


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