Different ISPs love to get you excited about their speed in order to get internet services. They certainly can claim a lot of good ideas and great speed about their internet speed. If you use direct broadband internet or if you use the internet through a mobile connection, you should still verify that the internet speed is costing or getting.

Today I will show you how to check or remark or focus your real-time internet speed for your pc. Download internet speed meter to your computer for better focusing on internet speed. Download net speed monitor software for a complete solution.

If you use the ISP’s Internet, there is a need to net speed monitor how much ads they were advertising for the first time they were speeding you up. You are definitely using the internet here to spend money. So you must be aware of the data traffic.

First.com is the best website to see how much speed you can get in real-time.

With Fast.com you can test your internet speed. Even then, the software I’m talking about allows you to see real-time internet speeds per second. It does not depend on any flash. It is easy to say that there is no alternative supply to test the speed of your internet. Once you connect to your internet, it will determine your real-time internet speed throughout your life.

It can analyze your internet latency. It can set your download speed and upload speed at the same time. As you expected It only takes into account how much bandwidth you use in a month. This lovingly designed application will definitely catch your eye.

Why Download Internet Speed Meter

You can show your different types of connection ports in its configuration settings. Which you are using in real-time. Moreover, internet speed meter can set different data traffic modes during the internet. It’s very easy to use. And ad-free.

You can monitor and turn off the monitor at any time. Moreover, there are different languages. You can change the font size of the software at will. And you can back up your data when needed in one click. It has many quick links to help you get the most advanced work needed.

You cannot install it directly on Windows 10. Works for Windows 7, but Windows 10 does not usually support it easily. With some tips and tricks, you can use Windows 10 as I do myself. I will show you the entire process through the screenshot in this post. Net speed monitor is the best internet speed meter for pc.

Click on the link below to download or you can download them on the official website.

Net speed monitor download – Click Here

Search Google for “Download Internet speed meter”. Click on the first link on the first page of the Google search results.


When you double click on the file to install first, you will see an error. A warning, showing that it is not supported for Windows 10. So you can cancel the install by pressing the OK button.


Right-click on the file and go to Property Settings. From there, come to the Compatibility menu. And come to run compatibility troubleshooter option.


Wait for some time after clicking on the option. After the correct troubleshoot, you will be shown a window with the test of the program. So it is possible to solve the problem. Now you are all set to install this program on your computer. Hopefully the next do-it-yourself will be able to see the screenshot.


If you have any problems installing and using, please let me know via comment.


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