Here are some inquiries to ask yourself.

  • Can you produce money by blogging?
  • What are the ways to follow to form money from blogging?
  • How much money am I able to earn from blogging?
  • Can I enjoy life by blogging? and obtain enough money?
  • Should I leave my job and begin blogging?
  • How much success blogging give me?

If you’re hoping for a solution to the above questions, you’ll get the proper advice. And this is often the proper place for this question. Within the Complete Tutorial Guide to creating Money from Blogging, you will find the proper direction to urge started. Which can assist you to get started?

Right now, SoftoHelp is about four months old. But good to understand, SoftoHelp will earn good money within the future if I work with it.

I managed two more successful websites before starting SoftoHelp. Those whose monthly income was above 1000$. Here are some proofs of the success of making money from blogging. As I have gathered from other bloggers. You get a perfect idea. I will inspire you a lot.

You will be amazed at the amount of blogging income.

Some years ago blogging was a hobby. In addition to the job, some people write their own experiences on blogs. Currently blogging works that way, but some additions and changes have been made. Currently blogging is like a public diary. Where you can share your knowledge with everyone.

No one can read the personal diary. No chance to read. Because the matter is secret. But the public diary has the right to be read by all. It is now called blogging.

Blogging a career has become a profitable online business in 2020. People love this profession because it is free and advanced. Experience can be shared with others. It can be done by your own acquaintance.

How Much Money Can You Make From Blogging?

If you start your career like everyone else, you need to spend a certain amount of time to reach earnings. Moreover, money, work must be done. You can choose a career and start living.

In many cases, finding a job can be difficult for you. If there is a hobby, it can be difficult to fulfill. From this point, you have immense potential. Like any profession, choosing blogging as a profession has become a digital trend.


There are different levels of blogging like different professions. Various bloggers around the world are making the most out of 1 million a year.

From the beginning of the blog, the first year’s income will not be very high. But if you work regularly and make the most of your efforts, blogging is definitely for you. You will be amazed, more work and more benefits. There is no specific calculation.

Let’s see how much you earn, depending on a few things. If you do things correctly, there will be income growth every month.

  • What subject are you picking? Do you enjoy it?
  • How much time do you spend studying blogging?
  • How much effort do you have to apply?
  • How much traffic is getting to your blog?
  • What kind of digital approach do you apply?

Continuing work contributes a lot to increase your revenue. If you prioritize your network and goals, you will find success in this career.

Digital marketing skills are needed to move fast.

The biggest problem is that you have to keep your mindset on blogging. Making money can take a long time. To keep up with the mindset and inspiration, you can read more of SoftoHelp’s other articles. In this post, I will focus on keeping the mindset, with the idea of ​​making money.

As a newbie, I am answering questions that pop up in your mind to make things easier.

How Bloggers Can Make Money?

There are several methods that can be used to convert your blog into money. What method you use will depend on the level of your blog and the type of blog. However, you can use any income source depending on your style. This is your personal matter.

  • Through your own advertising
  • Any third party ads – Google Adsense,
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Selling digital products
  • Offering various suggestions online
  • Launching an online course
  • Displaying product ads
  • Providing sponsored posts
  • You can also select services depending on your expertise.

Own Advertising

You can make blogging business of your own. You can use and sell your own products through your blog. In this case, you need to create a banner for the product. And it has to be put in its proper place. Every visitor should see the ad.

Third-party Ads Network

You can also earn money from a blog by displaying ads by a third party organization. However, in this case, you must verify your advertiser. You can earn more by displaying ads related to your blog.

Remember, a High-cost advertiser is better than the low-cost advertiser

Two ad networks are the most popular for new bloggers. Because they are easily available.

Advertisers are waiting for your blog. Without a blog, you will never get approval for ad networks. You need to have a blog for network approval. Advertisers automatically view ads based on the context of your blog and users’ preferences. You should not promote any ad affecting the user.


To get Google AdSense, your blog’s deadline must be six months. And it is mandatory to have more than 300 visitors per day. So as a first way to earn from blogging, it’s best to choose your ad networks. Your goal should be to get approval for AdSense or in a quick time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate advertising can increase your money manifold. And this is often one of the simplest ways to earn. By displaying affiliate ads, you’ll be making the most profit. Nowadays almost all bloggers are using it and it is easy to use.

Affiliate Advertising, also known as Affiliate Marketing. By doing affiliate marketing you can earn an indefinite amount of money from the blog. Affiliate marketing is a marketing system that you can sell to other companies.


You have to try to share the affiliate link of the merchandise within the blog post that you simply are selling. When someone buys a product using that affiliate link, you will enjoy a huge commission for the sale amount.

Bloggers currently promote the most affiliate marketing systems. Affiliate media is the best and most revenue efficient system of all other media.

Selling digital products

Suppose you create an ebook, using all the knowledge on your blog. The e-book should have a fixed price. If you look at it, the top bloggers have a habit of selling digital products like business e-books. With this method, you can earn from the blog.

If you are not able to create digital products, you can get the job done by hiring writers and designers from different marketplaces online. And put it on any page on your blog and offer to buy. Your visitor will definitely want to buy your book.

Moreover, you’ll make your blog a digital product selling blog. Selling of physical products using the Woocommerce plugin.

Offering Various Suggestions Online

You can offer different suggestions on the topic you are writing about on your blog. In this case, you’ve got to possess enough ideas thereon topic. However, this does not apply to all cases. If you do not have any options for recommendations on your blog, it is best to remain faraway from it.

Launching Online Course

You can create your own online course by converting blog writing to video format. Creating a video tutorial is not a complicated thing right now. You can get its idea by watching various courses online. By launching an online course you can earn over a million.

There are many video channels on YouTube where there is a free learning medium. You can learn any online topic using YouTube. And create courses and sell them directly through your blog.

Serving Own Product

Depending on your ability, you can provide different services. Services can be provided using skills. Find out which ones you have sufficient expertise on. You can provide like Logo Design, WordPress Website Design, Building Design, Cover Photo Design, SEO or more.

Starting the service is pretty easy. Create a replacement page on your blog and include an entire list of the services you would like to supply. Make sure your service is prominent within the blog in order that it’s most visible.


Make the right to deal with your customers and tell them more about the service. If you can sell the first few services, you will get an accurate idea of how to improve the sales process later. You should pay attention to the secret things like payment and follow up as you provide the service.

Providing Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to increase revenue from blogs. Suppose someone wants to post on your blog. In that case, you can charge $ 10 off a short review post. Here are some things to keep in mind when reviewing sponsored posts.

  • Don’t prioritize relatively short and bad posts.
  • Not posted sponsored Bad link

Also, as your blog grows, many third parties will offer you different ways to sponsor.

Really Blogging Career Should Start?

Blogging can give you the gift of a handsome lifestyle. But during this case, you’ve got to be consistent and protracted. You have to work patiently for about a year before you start earning money through blogging. This is really important, online is a place where there is no bar to making money. Of course, blogging is your addiction. By leaving the job and actually blogging, you may not succeed.


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