Your site is a valuable resource for you. Maybe it’s your part-time job or a full-time job. However, I think you need to be aware enough to protect it. If you have created your website with WordPress then this post is for you.

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Regular backups are a must for your website security. This backup can provide you with peace of mind if your website is experiencing any loss. And may prevent you from having a catastrophic situation like locking yourself out when your website is hacked.

In an earlier post, I just wrote a full tutorial on how to ensure the security of a WordPress website. There was a point called backup, which is very important. So in this post, you will discuss in full best free WordPress backup plugin and give you a few plugins that you can use to back up your website for free.

In this article, we will discuss the five best free backup plugin WordPress for the WordPress web site.

Some important tips

You definitely need a hosting company to host a website. You can also manually back up your website when you need it from WordPress hosting company Cpanel. However, with many free plugins, you can easily automate this task. Even then, we do not advise our users to rely on WordPress hosting cPanel.

If you are not experienced in this matter, today’s post will show you how to back up a WordPress website with a plugin. And get some ideas about plugins. If you haven’t already used the backup plugin on your WordPress website, here’s how we recommend you pick one of the five best WordPress plugins.

You must find all three of these methods to backup all plugins.

  • Database Backup – Some of the plugins will help you to back up your full database.
  • Full Backup – Some of these plugins will help you back up the entire database and WordPress files of your entire website.
  • Schedule backups – Most will help you automatically backup your schedules.

Where do you save your backup files?

That’s an important thought. At this time to backup as many WordPress plugins as there are, most plugins will help you to keep backup files on your server. Moreover, you can store these files in third-party cloud storage. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, and more. So I would request that you keep your backup files in a safe place so that when your website gets hacked, the entire website will be revived.

Updraft Plus


Updraft Plus is one of the best and better backup plugin on the market. And also popular. This backup plugin can be easily backed up and restored. This plugin is number one because it is very popular and if you look in the directory of Google or WordPress plugins you will find that there are more than two million active users. If not very popular, this plugin would not be used by users.


Database backups with full files in WordPress can be done with this plugin. We make when backing up, this plugin guarantees a scheduled backup. The plugin will automatically back up the plugin within the time you set it up on a third-party drive. You can set up backup directly in Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon or Microsoft One Drive. Without giving a backup for any reason you can lose your valuable property at any time.


Updraft Plus is very fast and guarantees automatic backup. And you can easily restore those backup files and re-use them. This backup plugin has a very good rating. Updraft Plus provides great support if you buy them using a premium plugin. They are ready to address any problem within a matter of moments. But with the free plugin, you can easily do all the work, even if you think you need something more advanced then you can see the benefits of their premium plugins.

Backup Buddy


Backup Buddy is a very advanced type of backup plugin. Starting from 2010, more than a million WordPress websites have been protected. Backup Buddy plugin allows you to easily manage backups from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin supports automatic backup. Through which you can be absolutely sure. Ensures daily or weekly backup to the specific location.

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And the backed up files are ready to use again. If you are using shared hosting, you can easily access the backup with this plugin. This plugin has the ability to repair and optimize your entire database. That is, it is an offer to them. If you purchase and use this plugin you will get 1 GB live storage space with each plugin purchased. It allows you to remotely update each of your updated posts and pages daily and can be reused again.

VaultPress (Better Backup)

VaultPress_WordPress plugin

VaultPress is known as an independent best backup plugin. Although VaultPress is now being introduced as a separate product of a Jetpack. That is, VaultPress works differently with Jetpack. If you use the Jetpack plugin, it will be easier for you to use. Still, one thing is that you have to have a subscription jet pack. Surely Jetpack has many plans to offer you.

This plugin will definitely give you the benefit of automatic real-time cloud backup. And with just a few clicks you can restore them again. You can use it for free. However, most of the premium options you will get if you purchase it. Using this plugin will allow your site to have real-time update updates and is a great security plugin. Verifies the backup of each of your files by regularly scanning VaultPress and freeing them from malware viruses.

BoldGrid Backup


If you want to protect your site from any crash then you must realize how important backup is. With the BoldGrid Backup plugin, you will be able to back up the website and restore it when your site crashes. BoldGrid Backup will give you the option of one-click backup or you can set this feature up manually. This will give you an advantage that you need most. This plugin will give your site automatic fault protection. This feature is designed to give you a great deal of convenience.


Fault Protection is – When you give an update to your site, if for some reason the update fails, this plugin will automatically take you to the last backup rule. This is a great feature when there is a problem with your update.


BoldGrid Backup plugin will allow you to have backups on your dashboard. And you can keep up to 10 backup archive files in your dashboard. BoldGrid Backup plugin is a powerful backup tool. You have to use one of the premier features to get many more features and important settings. You will need to spend $ 60 a year to use the complete tools and services.



BlogVault is another popular WordPress backup service plugin. It is a software but it will give you a solution like a service. If you use the BlogVault software or the WordPress plugin, your server can be backed up without any load. This will give you the benefit of automatic backups daily or weekly or monthly. Beyond that, you can create your own backup systems manually.

It can backup and optimize your entire website’s performance as well. In addition to the backup, you can get the restoration directly from the Blogvolt WordPress plugin. You can keep a backup archive for about 90 days. Like other software, this software has a premium service. You will be given many more benefits to the premium service.


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