Currently, there are many types of browsers available to browse the Internet. Google Chrome is one of them. Google Chrome is a software application. Chrome is one of the leading web browsers for using the World Wide Web. When a user requests a specific website, the web browser retrieves a required document and displays the result in the web browser. Today I will show How to install google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is constantly updating its web browsing with add new features to improve its user experience.

What is a Browser Extension?

A browser extension is a small software module for customizing a web browser. The task of browsers is to protect user requests. But if the user wants to make any minor changes to the browser, block ads, or control the cookie, must install the browser extension.

Why Use Browser Extension?

The browser extension cannot be met as a requirement. Here I will try to explain to you a few examples, why you use a browser extension. Because it has a great impact on the activities of our daily life. Extensions help you save time. Extremely complicated tasks you can easily do very quickly using the extension.

  • Change Theme – Suppose you are using the Chrome browser. And have been accustomed to seeing the same interface for a long time. Now you don’t have to look at that same interface anymore. You just want to customize the browser a little bit. Chrome lets you change its general appearance by using a theme.
  • Ad Blocking – Suppose you enter YouTube or a website to search for something you need. Owners of YouTube or a website can use advertising through their business. So they may show you a variety of annoying ads. But you don’t want to see Ads. You want to enjoy browsing without seeing the advertising. That’s why you need to use the adblocker extension.
  • Full Page Screenshots – You can want to save a full page on a website. You won’t get the benefit of the desktop application to save a full page on a website. But the browser extension is ready to give you this advantage. Using the extension you can take a screenshot of the thick website with one click. And store it in your computer’s memory for later viewing.

How to take a screenshot on a desktop.

How to Install Lightshot Screen Capture Software

  • Sound Booster – You love watching movies. Love watching different videos on YouTube. In this case, you need to better quality of the sound when watching a movie or other video. Even if the sound quality of your laptop is not too high, you can still enhance your sound quality by using the extension.

Chrome Webstore has thousands of chrome extensions for doing such great things. You can use them to free all of your work.

I’ll just show you how to install and find google chrome extension here. Moreover, if you use Mozilla Firefox or use Opera Mini, you can easily find extensions by following this procedure.

Follow the Steps How to Install Chrome Extensions.

Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the three buttons in the upper right. From there, click on more tools and extensions.


Here are some of the extensions you currently have installed. Click the three buttons in the upper left and click the chrome webstore at the bottom to download the new extension.


You can then find the extension, do you want. I’ll try to find a popular extension here and try to install it.

I will show you every step by step with the screenshot below.


Hopefully, from now on you can install the extension you need yourself. And you can solve the small tasks needed very quickly. If you have any problems with the extension, you can let us know via comment. We will try to give you a suitable solution.


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