Google Pay Services

Google Pay users can now invest in gold through the app. For Google, the first will be a different online investment medium called ‘Gold’ service or digital. Where they can buy and sell gold through pay service.

The ‘Gold’ service has not been officially launched yet. Already, Google Pay has updated information on this policy.

How Google Pay Work

Google Pay can use this platform to sell and deliver. The service is about to launch Google Pay, a joint venture with Switzerland-based MMTC-PAMP Metal Merchants.

Besides, Gold Account Services will be provided to the customers in the initiative of the Government. Where buyers can access this (digital gold account).

Customers using this platform will be guaranteed to buy 6.5 percent pure quality 25-carat gold here. Google Pay Gold service can become one of the most effective ways for people to invest.

About Pay Gold

According to the Economic Times report, in May last year, ‘PhonePay’ claimed a 5% spike in their five-month gold deal and 20kg of gold was sold on their platform.

Google’s service policy states that in order for consumers to accept this investment service, they must comply with the country’s ‘KYC’ or consumer policies.


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