Recover or Deleted files and folders on your Computer, Mobile device or iPhone.

We are going to make a list of the best free data recovery software for 2020. If you accidentally delete some data, data recovery software can help you find your important files. Data recovery software can be an invaluable resource.

Until a few years ago, most people strongly valued the backup of their computers. Using Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Cloud system, you can back up some of the required files. You also have a USB Pendrive stored on your important files. But the funny thing, you can’t say when your data is lost.

Across multiple devices, checking your files and folders is as easy to save and even easier to delete. It can be a great way to accidentally place important files in the wrong way while trying to organize and delete files completely. However, it is too dangerous for you to realize what happened too late.

There are many data backup software options. Which can make your data recovery process easier. If you do not have, you may need to use your dedicated data recovery tool to recover your missing files and folders, even hard drive crash or corrupted drive.

Here I will show you the best features of the best free data recovery software. Many vendors offer paid recovery software, with free versions. Even then I will try to cover some free recovery software here.

List of 2020 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software.

  • EaseUS
  • Recuva
  • Disk Drill
  • WonderShare
  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • Pandora Recovery
  • MiniTool Partition Recovery
  • Data Rescue
  • TestDiskrecoverable
  • DM Disk Editor

If you accidentally delete your important files, they are always still. You will be able to restore them to their previous formats, through this software. Even though your computer sees the Recycle Bin empty. But these files are not gone, they are not really accessible to you. Your computer will show them a new free space.

If we take few actions carefully, it can help you avoid losing your data. 

You have to understand yourself. For example, the careless boss just deleted something. Which was very important.

If your hard drive is too old, damaged or corrupted, it may be impossible to recover.

What if you steal or crack and run virus format software? Which can cause your hard drive to suffer?

All of a sudden, an unwanted click will free up your entire hard drive.



EaseUS lets recover your information very quickly and easily. EaseUS’s simple wizard keeps you away from other thoughts. You will find all the recovery tools in the same wizard. 

If you are not accustomed to or specialized in recovery equipment. With EaseUS you can restore important files.  

EaseUS is the only hard drive recovery tool that is easy, fast and has huge capabilities. EaseUS is ready to do everything for you. You can easily recover any file by completing three steps. Fix one location and scan it. See a preview of these files when scanned. You’re getting your files back.

All free versions and paid versions of the data recovery software you have. The downside of EaseUS has recovered some data through the free plan but you will need to buy and use the paid plan to go deeper. But from other software, EaseUS offers you a much simpler way.



Recuva is one of the best hard drive recovery tools in our second position. Recuva can be a big name for any file recovery. There are many good reasons in the state without eliminating it. Recuva is the best data recovery software that is actually free, but not free. However, you will find some limited features in between.

Our tests have proven that Recuva is very powerful, fast and reliable data recovery software. We tested it for pictures, videos, emails, and audio files. And we tested it with an external memory card. To say, it gave us accurate results very quickly. 

Recuva has been set up to recover files on the disk that were damaged by your computer. And if you have a damaged or formatted disk in this case, you can get Recuva as powerful software for recovering your files. Recuva is a very high-speed software from other software. 

If you want to get used to the business, you need to think about its services. You can get great features that only 30$ per month.

Disk Drill


Disk Drill can be one of the software on the Windows platform. Who uses the Windows operating system, Disk Drill can be a premier data recovery option. If you have a lot of software to help your recover data, you can try Disk Drill once. 

Disk Drill works better on Windows operating systems. You can scan any drive you like. The biggest reason is that it supports a fast scan and deep scan. 

Lost file in some moment ago? Quickly install Disk Drill and quick scan. Even if Disk Drill is not already on your computer, you can still find your lost file within seconds. 

Are you looking for a lost file that was lost two years ago? Disk Drill will help you find that lost file. By drilling the computer hard disk, find pictures, photos, audio-video, document files. 

Disk Drill is the best way to find files.



Due to the limited price, WonderShare is one of the best data recovery software. WonderShare also responds well to any wide-range device. Supports hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive very easily.

WonderShare works 100% positive for data recovery. They will recover your data professionally. You can easily recover 1000+ file formats. A very popular tool for any Windows operating system.

For data recovery, you only have to perform three steps. Download and launch the software. Then click on the scanning button. Your entire computer will scan the hard disk. Or you are especially trying to recover the data on that drive. Once scanned, preview the files. And get the data back.

There should be no problem with recovering your photos. But there may be slight damage. With the free version, you can get the benefits of a few options. That’s why they offer package plans.

In protest, you can buy the package. I think just for personal use, 50$ doesn’t matter. To a surprise, WonderShare offers you all such features. That they have not seen before in any other data recovery software.

Stellar Data Recovery


You can find everything you need in Stellar Data Recovery. If you want to recover your lost data very easily, you can be absolutely sure about this tool.

Stellar Data Recovery will help you get up to 1 GB of data. If you use the free version. You may not need that much. Or want to continue working with the free version.

The free version can recover all the lost data. Recover data from any device or Windows device. Stellar Data Recovery is able to recover any type of media file.

No matter what virus on your computer has taken the data. The device has suddenly been corrupted. Or your device has crashed. You will find the simplest solution for any kind.

Try it out, with the best data recovery software you haven’t seen before. You can get excellent benefits with free versions. Stellar Data Recovery offers you the best acceptable data recovery in paid versions. If you value the time.

Pandora Recovery


You can believe Pandora is the best for free. Pandora is known to us as the Best Recovery Software. It offers a lot to users. Very smart looking and easy to use.

Pandora is able to recover all deleted files in your NTFS and FAT formats. Without direct data recovery, you can view the recovered file. Pandora does not occupy much space on your computer.

There are several ways to restore the same file. You can restore the recovered files to Archived, Encrypted or Compressed mode. All these changes are possible with just one click.

Pandora guarantees your independence. Pandora is very small and thin. Because it is portable, no additional pressure is applied to the computer’s processor.

MiniTool Partition Recovery


To retrieve the data needed, MiniTool offers over 70 file formats. Able to recover all files on the computer. The MiniTool computer is capable of recovering hard disks, SSDs, USB Pendrive or any external memory card.

With the free version, you will only be able to do the basic tasks. The important file format mode is on. Don’t get all the file formats, for free. It is possible to recover up to 1 GB of lost files.

 There may be some disadvantages. MiniTool will work across all your window areas. You can’t minimize it if you want. They will look into this matter in the near future. MiniTool is not capable of a very comprehensive scan, with a free version. Moreover, no preview options were given for viewing files.

Data Rescue


Data Rescue proved best for Windows. It is able to recover files from any device. You should definitely be happy to see the simple interface of your Data Rescue application. This data recovery software is in strong competition with its contemporaries.

All of the file recovery operations can be done easily with Data Rescue. If there is a problem during file recovery, there is an automatic system. You can be alert at any time if you are busy with other tasks.

Although it is free version software, there are some bad aspects to it. Data Rescue takes a while to scan. And does the general scanning. Can’t scan too deep. Your potentials files may need to get up to speed.



TestDisk is one of the best-known data recovery software. It is open-source software, made for all platforms. It is designed to fix any lost partitions or non-boot disks.

Like other advantages, it is able to recover all deleted files. Supports FAT, ExFAT, NTFS file systems. The table displays the data that you are trying to fix.

But TestDisk does not support users on all platforms. Because it works through the command line. Currently, many users do not understand the command line. I would advise them to try using the software in the above position.

DM Disk Editor


The success rate of DM Disk Editor is higher than others. It is packed with powerful and urgent features. And trustworthy.

This is not something difficult to use. Just install it directly on your computer, where you want to find the files. DM Disk Editor is portable software. So the computer does not occupy any additional processor.

From the free version, the benefits of the paid version more. But I would suggest using the free version first. If you think you can find the file you want, you can use the paid version for better results.


You can find the file you want by using the software mentioned above. Although the free version has many limitations. Regardless, you can expect results, using free of charge. You will find a direct link to our created list. By clicking here to download the software will suggest. Hopefully, you’ve got your desired results. Be sure to tell us which of the ten software do you like the most?


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