Today’s special attraction is, you are getting acquainted with something new. I think you are already familiar with WordPress. So far almost all webmasters around the world have been using WordPress to create the websites they need. It can’t be said why they are using WordPress so much. I’m not going to talk about that today. Today’s topic is, How can I edit PHP ini in xampp.

This is a little complicated. Which is not always what everyone wants to think about. But it is definitely worth it. You must have seen a tutorial in my previous episode, where I shared how you can install xampp software on your Windows operating system. As you know, xampp software is very useful for us.

Because when you are a fresh startup, you must not spend money out of your pocket, just buying a server. When you know nothing about it. That is why xampp specifically helps you to run a website directly on your computer. Denying it will never be good for us.

Why Do You Edit php.ini?

Suppose, you are using your computer as a local server. Now you must be able to output your server very quickly. You can certainly increase your server response time by editing php.ini. Also suppose you want to upload a file of very large size to your local server. Right now, you can’t upload files of any kind without editing PHP.ini file.

What are the benefits of editing php.ini?

  • Increase server uptime
  • Upload large files
  • Large size for any post
  • Increase memory limit
  • Increase execution time

Let’s Take a Look What’s Going On This Post Today

  1. What is PHP
  2. What is Xampp
  3. Where is PHP ini xampp window
  4. How do I find the PHP ini file
  5. How can I edit PHP ini in xampp

So let’s take a look at these little things. Although it seems that things are very minor, they are very important.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server site scripting language. Scripting is another synonym for the program. This is the set of some instructions that automatically get some work done. PHP is mainly used for web development. The purpose of this programming language is to create dynamic web pages quickly.

You do not need to worry about having PHP support on any operating system. Because PHP is supported on all platforms. PHP will be running all cross-platform like Windows, Linux, Mac operating system. Another great feature of PHP is that you can create any application or website from any blog site, e-commerce site from scratch.

What is Xampp?

Now surely the question is – What is Xampp? Why we use xampp? Xampp is a offline local server. It can be used as a web server in local computer. Web development should be kept in one place. It’s called a server. The server may be online or a local computer. A local computer is a simple process of turning a computer into a server.

When you install the Xampp software, the rest of the software including the database and other things installed for the entire server.

Various types of coding like PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. we have need to install Xampp software. You must use Xampp for web development alone.

XAMPP is the full version of Cross-platform Apache, MySQL, and PHP Perl.

I explain to you How to install XAMPP? (Keep going)

Where is Xampp Control Panel?

When you have successfully installed xampp software on your computer. But the funny thing is that you can’t find opening a shortcut file in the software. It’s normal Because many times after installing the software’s control file does not appear on the desktop. You have to find a different one. There is no reason to worry.

First, go to My Computer. Or you have to press the Windows key + E.

Then when a window is opened on my computer, you will go to the drive where you installed your xampp software. I installed it on the C drive on my computer.

After entering C drive, you will see a folder. Named xampp.

Now your task is going to the folder named xampp and find a file named xampp-control at the bottom.

Now you’re done. You can easily bring the xampp control panel to your desktop by following the rules shown here.

Xampp Main Window.

It’s good to say two things here. You can open the PHP.ini file in two ways.

  • Xampp Control Panel
  • Or, Xampp folder on your computer

Here I will show you two ways. Be a little patient. Hope you enjoy your desired result.

How do I find the PHP ini file?

Now let’s get to the real thing. Basically this part is the main part of our post. Because in most cases, when you need to edit the PHP.ini file, you cannot find it. This is terrible. You need to be aware of this.

Point No – 01

First of all, I will show you the easy way to search. Because all people want to know the simple thing first.

You must have come this far and successfully run the Xampp Control Panel. This is not something very complicated.

Welcome to the control panel.

From here, click on the Config button from the Apache Module. Hopefully, you’ve got a look at something here. There you will see PHP.ini finding in the position no 4.

So, I hope you’ve been able to do it successfully.

Point No – 02

The position I will talk about or let you know is a difficult one. But it can be in your opinion. Of course, don’t panic. Don’t take tension.

You can follow the previous designation. And go to the local drive on your computer. This is called C drive. Once there, enter the folder named Xampp. No one will stop you from entering here. After entering the folder, you will see another folder called PHP. Now enter here and wear it. And go down and see the file you want.

How can I edit PHP ini in xampp?

I know you find this file successfully. Who stops you anymore? (Let me have some fun) Now double click and open this.

Let’s start the final term.

I will teach you how to easily edit the file.

First, you search by typing “max_”.

Now question is – How to find search options?

You need to press Control + F to find the search options. Or you can find out by following the rules shown.

In the Find option, type “max_” and select Down from the Direction.

This part needs to be done a little more seriously. It will be easier for you. Now click on the Find button.

And find out max_execution_time

Change its value as you wish. As I have given -: max_execution_time = 1200

Then find out max_input_time

Change its value as you wish. As I have given – max_input_time = 600

Then find out post_max_size

Change its value as you wish. As I gave – post_max_size = 400M

Then find out upload_max_filesize

Change its value as you wish. As I have given – upload_max_filesize = 4000M

Then find out max_file_uploads

Change its value as you wish. As I have given – max_file_uploads = 2000

Anyway, it’s time to finish. You don’t have to look for anything else.


You know though, these detailed discussions so far, one thing is very valuable. If you can do this successfully then your WordPress learning method will be a bit faster. That means it will save you a lot of time. Of course, Time is very important to everyone.

With the first setting, your computer will not show the error even if it is very slow. This will take you one step further from your browser. Also, you can also avoid the limitation of file uploads for learning time. That means, from now you can upload many files and many large files simultaneously on your local server WordPress site.

Hope you have thoroughly learned from your post about this topic. It must be share with your friends.


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