Today’s post is related to an earlier post. Earlier I wrote a post on the best computer screenshot software. However, there was no software installation process. And finally, get a full part of How To Install Lightshot Software For Screenshot.

Those of us who work online or blogging must often take screenshots. Or some of the most important things we may need to keep to ourselves often. At that point, we will need to take a screenshot. Those of you who are using Windows 10 or 7, but can do so freely, read our full post today. Install screenshot software very easy way.

From the previous post, you can find out which is the best screenshot software for your computer. I hope you get a good idea from here.

Best screen recorder for your pc – Click Here

The screenshot software I will now discuss, you can use online or offline. I’ll show you the solution to the problem offline. And it has no pair to use online. Now it seems that everything in the world is changing. Our website will help you a lot to know why this is happening. I hope everyone is connected with us.

Special Features of Lightshot Application

  • Google Chrome Add-ons
  • Full-screen desktop screenshot
  • Multiple Formats
  • Better Image Quality
  • One-click capture
  • And Many Others

The software has some special features that you must know before using it. You can add the Lightshot application software to Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser to get better compatibility. This allows you to take a good screenshot of your entire desktop screen.

Or you can take a screenshot of any necessary site on the desktop. You get two image formats, one is jpg and the other is png. You can get 100% quality screenshots in two formats. And without the use of a mouse, you can finish the task very quickly with the click of a keyboard. 

Let’s not see the whole installation process now. Click here to download the lightshot screenshot software. Download

As with other software, the installation process is very straightforward. After downloading, extract the file.


Then double-click and give permission to install the file. Then follow the screenshots shown below. I hope you can finish it yourself.


Then I will create a tutorial on how to install Google Chrome as add-ons. Plus you can use Mozilla Firefox along with Google Chrome to get some screenshots of any website you need. The desktop software allows you to take screenshots from everywhere, and browser add-ons can take part in screenshots of any browser website.


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