Today I will give you a solution to a great problem. For those who have long been having problems with Windows 10 Photo Viewer, today’s post will solve the problem. So today’s key point is: How to download and install photo viewer windows 7. The main thing is not to say anything before going.

Microsoft has always gifted us their best products. In the beginning, one of the best products was Windows 7. Windows Seven has made it a popular spot for all. This operating system is lightweight and can handle almost all tasks correctly. But at that time there was some problem with it.

I did not talk about the problem. Gradually, Microsoft began to make changes to their operating systems. Windows 7 followed by Windows 8 and Windows 10. But now Microsoft’s latest operating system is Windows 10. Windows 10 is a very good operating system. This should be given preference over previous versions, including security system graphical interfaces, etc. But he also has some problems. That is what is being discussed today.

Here are some of the best software applications for opening photos: Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10.

Windows 10’s software is a bit heavy. Because of the many options added here, it takes a long time to open the default software. This is a cause of annoyance to many. Likewise, it has become a cause of annoyance to me now. When I open a photo, the default photo viewer takes a long time to open a picture. Although many options are added to it, they do not work for me.

So, I have to search the internet to find alternative software available. And I found that the previous photo viewer could open the image much sooner. Because Photo viewer windows 7 is very good. In terms of performance, this is unparalleled and remarkable. So I would definitely recommend using it. If you do not like then you can download and use any other photo viewer from the Internet. Or, check out a post we did on the photo viewer. So I started trying to figure out how to use that software on Windows 10.

Let’s see how you can change your default photo viewer in Windows 10.

So, let me show you today’s hat, how can those who suffer from such problems get rid of it? I will show the whole process step by step through the screenshot. And I will also give you a download link to the software. So that you can become your own boss later.

Download Windows 7 Photo Viewer: Click Here (Direct Link)

First, download the software from the download link. And unzip it after download.


Then right-click on the mouse or open it by double-clicking. Now the installation process will begin.


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