Let’s say you want to learn coding to build a website right now. So what to do now? You can find out some of the languages you need to learn to create websites. You need to find a few languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. Now you have started learning these languages on your local computer.

I’m just explaining here. Then suppose you are finished learning them. Then you need to learn more about PHP, MySQL database, etc. Because without PHP, MySQL database your website will never be set up on the server.

At the beginning of learning PHP, you found that you could not run any PHP file on your computer. Because, like other languages, this language does not use a compiler or is not ready to run a computer directly. This is the server-side language. So to use PHP you have to use the server directly. Most of the websites we visit are usually hosted on some server.

Now surely the question may arise, then how can I use PHP or MySQL on my computer? It also has a solution.

You can make your computer a local server with install xampp if you wish. Because you are just learning now. At this time, it does not make sense to buy a domain and hosting for money. You can practice on your computer. You can create any kind of website offline by the xampp server.

So let’s see how you can make your computer a local server with just one software. With this post, I will show you how to install xampp on windows 10 and download it on your computer. After installing I will show how you configure it as you like.

Go to Google first. Search Google search bar by typing – “download xampp for windows”. You can see their official website in the first results of Google. So don’t delay, click on the first link. After inserting the leak, click on the download file as shown in the screenshot and download it

Click the link below to direct download. Click Here.


Once downloaded, I will show you how to make it suitable for your computer. You can complete the process by following the screenshots given by me step by step. This is a very straightforward thing to install. Like other Windows software, you can install it as well. Still, I show you the whole thing.


You will receive a warning in the first step of the installation. Nothing to worry about There you will see an OK button. Click the OK button to remove the warning.

Then start the installation according to the normal installation process.


There is an important point here. See, you are asked to select a folder to complete the setup. By default, a folder on the C drive will be created and installed. However, there is a danger here. Suppose you never find the files you need if your computer hangs or crashes. Because you may have to refresh Windows. So I would recommend that you install it on any of your other drives. I’m here to show you.


At the very last step, xampp will ask you to visit their website. You can visit their website if you want or if you do not want to remove the tick mark and refrain from visiting.


You may need network access to the middle of the installation. You will be given access by two tick marks as shown in the screenshot shown here. Because when you work at Localhost you need the Internet. So if you do not give Except now, you will not get internet access while working at Localhost. In that case, there will be a lot of work disruption.


Then it will ask you to set the language when the installation is complete. You will select and select the language of your choice.

The control panel of xampp will open when the entire process is finished. From there you can see in the Apache configuration there is an option called php.ini. Click on php.ini and make your settings according to the screenshot shown below.


I hope you complete the whole process very nicely. And finally, start xampp first 2 machines (Apache and MySQL). And now open your browser and type – localhost/dashboard. If any webpage opens, you will finish successfully xampp installation process.


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