The coronavirus epidemic has taken shape worldwide. In 2020, the effects of this disease are dying to thousands of people. The disease originating from China is now spreading throughout the world. Right now, when I am posting, more than 5,000 people have died in Italy because of the virus.

For this reason, many people who are infected are being forced to stay in the quarantine. The US government is risking forcing every American to stay home. How do people spend their time at home now? Must watch television and watch movies on the internet.

So the internet is hurting America’s Internet infrastructure. That is undoubtedly what the American people are looking for at the moment.

From a consistent source of information, in recent years, has issued a new report on broadband connections. Right now, you can see how download speeds in the big cities of the United States are affecting people’s homes.

Internet Speed May 2019

Broadband connection’s internet speed depends mostly on where your network source is and where you are. But if all people browse the internet at the same time, the city’s Internet system becomes a bit fragile. In the first week of March 9, many Americans were first asked to stay home from their government order.

In those cities, the internet has become slow

The Broadband Company has collected a document for the past 11 weeks, which is based on the United States city’s population. Through this river, they have been able to prove that download speeds were right for each town in the first ten weeks.


But the thinking is that during the 11 weeks when all Americans were asked to stay home, the internet had slowed down in every city. That’s what the broadband company compared to medium speed.

You should not be punished in any way for the results. Not surprisingly, the internet speed in the top ten cities has been moderate in the past week. Houston, New York City, San Diego, and San Jose have slowed down the internet. If you check the numbers well, that is not a disaster.

Broadband companies have announced that cities are not at significant risk due to people being trapped in their homes. In those cities, there is no risk of doing reasonable work at home as the internet slows down. However, doing corporate tasks can be a little tricky.


You know, the speed of the Internet in New York City is 73 Mbps. The rate dropped to 62 Mbps within the first week of the distance. But hopefully, you only need 25 Mbps to enjoy the 4k resolution movie. However, it could be worse.


The other three cities did not charge any rent. The New York resident saw a drop of 30 points, especially after Quarantine Post.

The experience of such a recession during the epidemic is somewhat noticeable.

Let’s take a look at some cities where the internet was slow.

  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Seattle

People rely on stable internet speeds. And if you could save a few months without the convenience of a slow Internet, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to adapt. Quarantine is an evolving process because of Coronavirus.

Large ISPs in the United States have signed a pledge not to enforce their anti-consumer policies. The service has been temporarily closed, delayed payment fee for the next 60 days. That is to say, despite the slow pace of the internet, people will be fully capable of maintaining Internet access.


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