The present era is the age of information technology. So I think, at this age, everyone needs to have a website. Currently, most of the websites are usually created with WordPress CMS. If you don’t know what WordPress is, then I’ll publish a whole article on WordPress. WordPress is software that stores all information such as your image files or various documents and text files. It is open-source blogging software that allows you to easily create your own or any other WordPress blog site or website.

Why Make WordPress Website More Secure

At the time I was writing this post, 12% of the 4 million websites around the world use WordPress software. At present, WordPress holds more than a 60% share of the CMS market. Besides, some other CMS has not been as popular as this one. For example, Joomla’s market share is less than 5 percent. But the problem is elsewhere. Since it is a very popular software, we need to think about security before using it. Because the risk of hacking is more popularity.

Today I will talk about the security issues of the WordPress web site. If you do not know about WordPress security when creating a website then your website is more likely to be hacked. Reading the entire article will give you a clear idea of ​​how your website can protect you from hackers and make more security. And I will also share with you a personal option on my own.

Creating a website costs a lot of time and money. Since this is likely to make your income. So being a hacked website means all the hard work goes to the ground. So you will never want your hacked your website by hackers.

I will now share with you my personal experience.

About a year and a half ago, I learned that there is a sector called Affiliate Marketing. So I continue to do more research to find out about this topic. I know enough about this market by reading various blogs and watching videos on YouTube. Then to apply the whole thing, I bought my domain and hosting and started my business. I live the website and started giving content on the site.

After a while, I added the Google search console. So as the days go by, my keywords are slowly ranking. In the meantime, I noticed one thing, suddenly, from where a user has become the back-end of my website. Suddenly I started to think I was not giving anyone access to my website. So where did the user come from?

Anyway, I deleted the user. I breathed a sigh of relief. But in the meantime I don’t mind making a small mistake, that is – I have to disable updated all the plugins and themes on mine. The reason for this I thought that if I give them an update, my WordPress site might be broken. Because of this fear I left all my updates to disable. However, about six months passed.

Then I got ready to apply for Google Adsense. When applied, after three days suddenly Google gave me a message. And also find a message from the search console. They messaged me saying that my site was infected with the virus. At the same time, I tried to access my site and found that Google was not letting me enter my site.

At the same time, I spoke with the hosting provider. The hosting provider informed me not to proceed with this site. Did I ask why? They said that Google had given me a penalty. I have a hand in my head. What to do now! After doing some Google research, I can find the name of a plugin that is WordPress Security Plugin. Which I didn’t install on my WordPress site. Anyway, I entered the site’s dashboard and installed that security plugin.

And started scanning. Scanned the plugin and found me in a folder. Which is installed from outside my cPanel? This folder is not the default WordPress folder. Immediately, I deleted the data in that folder. The software inside the folder is the work of the hacker who can control the content on my website and as many visitors as they come. However, finally I did not get my Google AdSense and I did not work for the website anymore. My whole 6 months failed. It was my first experience.

So you understand how important security is for WordPress or your site. I do not want you to fall into the same tragedy as me. I hope my story will save you a lot.

Let’s talk about how to secure your WordPress site.

Buying good quality hosting

The first thing you need to do is keep in mind that your website is kept on good hosting. Because good hosting gives them a good look at security for future planning. low-cost hosting providers are often local. This will often have a detrimental effect on your website.

For good hosting, I say that if someday your website becomes a mess, some files are deleted, it is still possible to get your blog or website backed up via backup restore. You can also sleep freely using their services. Next, I will write a review of how many good domain-hosting companies.

Keep Your WordPress Up to Date

In the next step, I would prefer to keep WordPress up to date. Because WordPress is such a platform that is constantly updated. They add new features several times and solve problems that were previously in the version. For more in-depth information you can keep up to date on their official website <


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