Today’s article has been sorted with another Anonymity Tool, called The Onion Router or TOR. Many of you have even the slightest idea about the Dark Web in particular. Anyway, no idea, no harm. In this article, we will discuss the latest in the Tor network.

The Meaning of Tor

As mentioned earlier, Tor is a short form of The Onion Router. You must know what the word onion means. Interestingly, the structure of this network is very similar to the onion structure. You will notice that the onions have one layer after another. Likewise, there are many layers to the Tor network. Here the user’s data is encrypted, providing some level of security.

The last step of this article will show the full installation of Tor Browser.

Simply, Tor is a network, which helps a user remain anonymous on the Internet. This network was developed in the 1980 in the United States Naval Research Laboratory.

Tor Network Structure

When your data is entered into the Tor network, it enters an encrypted packet really. As soon as you enter the data network, tor destroys almost all of the sender’s identity (but the normal Internet connection doesn’t).

Tor works through the ‘onion routing’ method. In this way, user information is first encrypted and then flows through different relays or layers of the network. It has different encryption for each relay. This is how data security is ensured through repeated encryption.

What's the relay?

The Tor Network operates through thousands of volunteer computers spread across the globe. These relays are actually the computers of those volunteers who spend their own bandwidth to help the Tor network operate properly. It would be surprising to know that the number of relays on this network is about five.

How to use Tor?

The Tor network is a very complicated thing but it is very easy to use. There is a separate browser to use Tor. This browser is custom-built for Mozilla Firefox for Windows operating system. And there are two popular tools for Android, Orbot, and Orfox.

With these, you can feel free to use the Tor network. General security is used, but the Tor network is most commonly used to access the Dark Web.

Nothing to worry about I will now show you the Tor browser installed on your computer right from the beginning to the end. I hope you get the right direction from here.

How to Install Tor Browser

To complete these steps, you will go to your known browser. Browse and search for download tor browser.


Click on the first link in the screenshot shown to us. Or you can go straight from here. Download Tor Directly.


In the next step, you will see four operating system buttons appear. I download Tor windows 10. Click on the operating system you are currently using. Click to see the download will start.


Double-click on the downloaded file.


First, you need to set your language. Select the correct language and press OK.


This step will give you an option. Especially the location of the installation of this Tor browser should be displayed. Or you can install by default. But in this case, it will be installed on your desktop.


After installing it will automatically configure itself. And you’ve got your desired Tor Browser setup.


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