Every day we all go on some of the important websites for our daily work. So, that we are discussing are you using the number 1 Most popular websites in the world in 2019 the entire world. You will surely be happy to know that you must have used one of these.

When I write the article top Top most visited website in the world, it almost finished the year 2019. So, we need to know what those websites are. For the interesting part is maybe you’ll find a new favorite website. Read the full entire post. Why not?

Top most visited website probably ones I think you have heard of, but it might be surprised you. My friend, you can see if your favorite websites are on the list of the top 10 most popular sites in 2019.

Most Popular Website in 2019


Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world. Moreover, it is one of the most popular search engines. About 3.5 billion people search Google every single day. But it is not just for search queries. Google also offers a variety of services.


Google.com is the number 1 Most searched website on google in 2019 in the global market and in the U.S.


Like many people, you probably watch a video on Youtube this week. Youtube has stored more videos on all other similar websites. More than 5 billion videos are viewed daily on youtube. It is the second Top most websites in the global market. 80 percent of youtube views are outside the US.


Youtube convenience to upload unlimited video because it is also an online streaming service to watch live television on their personal devices. Already many people earn on using youtube.


Also, Baidu is the largest Chinese language search engine and it is used millions of people every day. The Chinese people are not depended on google search engines.


Allover 90 percent of china users using their daily search queries. Baidu is the best alternative to google. It offers AdWords, Translates, and maps like google.


TMall is the second most popular site in China in 2019. It is the biggest online retail site in the Chinese market which is operated by the Alibaba group. Alibaba is also the largest eCommerce site.



Facebook is the number 1 social media site. The global communication is strong and stronger with facebook. Facebook daily across more than 2 billion active users who communicate with family and friends.


And facebook is the most extensive social networking site for finding people to search for old friends, classmates, or family members. Every person there has a facebook profile for their social communication.


QQ is our number 6 position. QQ’s monthly active users exceed 800 million. QQ.com records for the highest number of online users on an instant messaging program.


The instant messaging program use just over 210 million users every single day in china. It is also a web portal for all sorts of things like music, blogging and instant messaging services.


Sohu is another Chinese website. Sohu.com is another most popular search engine in China. It offers like google services. Search engines, news, gaming, email, and advertising services providers in China. The sites at number 4 in China and ranked number in the 7th position.



Taobao is the world’s largest e-commerce shopping website in china. It has also a retailer business in the U.S. they offer clothing and electronics for all kinds of ages. Taobao has high volume transaction outperformed all eCommerce sites.


The users can sell their products and also buy a product in Taobao like Amazon or Alibaba. Taobao is number 8 position ranked and around 1.5 percent of the site’s total traffic.


Wikipedia is the most popular all over the worldwide. It is knowledge-based resourceful on the web. In 2019 Wikipedia ranked number 9 position and in the U.S number 7 position.


You can find something interesting resource for information to quickly search for something on Wikipedia. It is always full free to use like a pro. And also you can write your own Wikipedia page.


Yahoo is the biggest top-level web portal and search engine. In the past few years, it is very popular for its mail, news, maps, videos and many other web services. About 1 billion visitors per month. And globally ranked on number 10.



Amazon is an American multinational technology company. All over the world, they provide physical goods online store. The world’s most customer-centric company.


Amazon.com’s website offers a huge selection of retail products, including books, movies, electronics, toys, and many other products as direct or intermediaries. Through its prime service, it provides video and music. Amazon is the 12th most popular website in 2019.

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