If you want to save for yourself the many colors spread online, this is not an easy process. However, you can easily do this using Photoshop. When browsing a website, you will definitely want to use a variety of colors to see the color of many browsers. You must use an application to capture any color from anywhere on your screen.

There are several processes for choosing colors. Or you can tell the type of color. Such as Hexa code, RGB code, HSL code. Hexa code is best to remember.

Pick your color anywhere of your desktop window. Pixie is the best color picker for windows operating system. Pixie is the world’s most popular screen color picker software.

Why Download Pixie

I will now introduce a small software for color copying. Using a free service, you can make it easy to grab colors from anywhere on your computer screen. This is called a lightweight app and Best color picker for windows.

Pixie is the Best color picker for windows for storing more lightweight Windows colors. Which works with all versions of the Windows version. You can get the Color Picker app for free.

And they offer a free download. But you can certainly use it for good. Color pickers are specially designed to work with high-resolution screens. And it’s designed to save a color to any screen on your Windows computer and any screen in your browser.

How to Find Pixie and Use it

Pixie Color picker helps you copy and use four colors in total. Pixie supports RGB codes and HSL codes and Hexa color code formats. You do not have to worry about its installation to use it. Just download this software from their website. And when you’re clicking anywhere from the desktop of your Windows computer, it’s ready to save color.

My suggestion is to set the color picker on the taskbar on your Windows computer after opening it. Once set, you can choose any color at any time with one click. I’m going to explain the whole thing through a screenshot.

Click on the link below to download the Best Color Picker desktop software.

Click Here to Download Pixie (Official Website)



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