Many people first encounter problems while doing this. They want to know how to record video on pc computer screen on their own computer. I am assuming that you might be a gamer or something you need to record the latest project for the future. And finally, you need to know how to record your computer screen.

Also, know the best Free computer screen recorder software for you.

SoftoHelp teaches you how to record screen of the computer’s contents. You can do this free or paid tools. Or already Microsoft users, if nothing, then nothing. You may have had some minutes where you thought, I promise and wish you approach to record that.

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How to record your screen on windows 10,8,7

Previously I discussed some of the free screen recorders, you might start with some excellent solutions near you. Recording your screen from within a browser window, without downloading and installing the computer programs. It depends full of you and the hardware that you’re using. So I can not be lost your time for more introduction. Let’s go to the main part.

I using a suitable screenshot for helping the topics understandable. I hope it’s important to reach the post.

OBS Studio (Free)

Go to and search download OBS. Click the first link and browse the OBS website download page. Once you remember OBS is the free computer screen recorder totally free for use. You can’t pay any payment for any limitation. Always open sources and it allows unlimited full-screen recording without watermark. Start recording 60 FPS frames per second that are called full HD.

Go to and search download OBS. Click the first link and browse the OBS website download page. 


Ok once open the download page. You can choose your operating system and click to download the installer file.

Finished your download go to the download page and see the software file. Now you need to install this. I provide some of my screenshot for you. Follow my screenshots and complete your final task.


Now run the auto-configuration wizard. It’s important to setup first for your OBS screen recorder successfully run. 


Now configure your dashboard. You can add your screen, webcam, your logo, any picture and many more for your recording window. 


Free Cam:

Free cam also a free screen recording software. It saves your money on this issue. It offers you full features creating professional video lessons and making a professional presentation. You can record your entire screen or selected area or a single window.

Record video with a voice over with a microphone and make this lesson more informative. Also, record your system audio or add some background music to your presentation or video. You can highlight your mouse pointer for better recognize. And also it’s called desktop video recorder.

Cam software is a free screen recorder for pc ensures you delete unnecessary parts of videos. Remove unnecessary background music from the entire clip. And also adjust your volume, fade-in or fade-out effect of something more waiting for you.

Now I help you to the A-Z setup process for free cam software. Please follow me to complete your task.


Enter your Email address to download Free Cam. Free cam installing process is very easy.

Now you are ready to record your desktop, laptop screen. If you any problem to setup comment the description box. As soon as possible you got your solution.


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