Every blogger faces a lot of trouble for their blog. And they certainly want their blogs to rank search engines. The search engine is now very smart. That’s why social sharing is so important a blog. All webmasters want to add a social share button to their website. WordPress helps them add the best free social share WordPress plugin.

If you search in the WordPress directory you will find many social button plugins. All of which you may not like. In this case, you will spend a lot of time and trouble. Bloggers can solve many minor problems using WordPress.

Social share plugins are available in WordPress. And many of them are free to use. There are many premium services. Social Share Plugin helps every single blogger to socialize themselves. I’m discussing some of these demo versions and some of the best free social share WordPress plugin that can be used for free.

You can save your valuable time and money reading this post.

Because from here you will definitely like a Social Share plugin. Or you can revisit every social share plugin. This will increase the social interaction of your website manifold. As it will make your website known to everyone and also come in Google ranking, earn many benefits.


AddThis plays a vital role in capturing more social traffic for the website. AddThis plugin lets you add all the posts and pages of your site through social share. And that’s possible with one click. If you will find 300 social media here. You can choose the ones you like.


Your visitor should be given at least one benefit. So share the article of choice through the social media platform. In this case your steps long way.


Floating Social Bar

If I talk about a great social plugin Floating Social Bar is one. If you read the whole paragraph, you can understand why I consider it great. Floating Social Bar plugin does not load due, to any difficulty of the visitor. The plugin can only turn on when the visitor wants it. This is a great benefit.


Floating Social Bar plugin is created by Wpbegainner Company. You can follow them. They also create many great themes and plugins like this. This plugin will not endanger your web site. Forget about the matter through which plugin slowed down your website. If I said before the Floating Social Bar plugin loads your visitors without any difficulty, there is no restriction on the page speed of your website.


Ultimate Social Media

Introduce you to the Ultimate Social Media WordPress Plugin. Want to know the popular social sharing WordPress plugin? You can download directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory. And there you will see the Ultimate Social Media plugin has been downloaded more than 869074 times. Each month Ultimate Social Media plugin developers allocate time to the development of the plugin.


You will get more social share buttons with your popular social media. How many buttons do you need to share? Everything you find here. In this case, you will be easy to calculate. All you need one click to display the social bottom. And you can see all the numbers shared directly by number.



Enter in the WordPress Plugin Directory and Jetpack is the first row you see in popular WordPress plugins. Are you surprised? It’s not surprising here. Because Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Jetpack has a lot of great features apart. Speaking of Jetpack features, I have to write an entire post. Just know that Jetpack has all the important features of a website.


The role of the Jetpack Plugin is to get your website speed. Which is managed by WordPress.com? In it, you will find a social button. It is very nice to see You can use this plugin for free. To continue sharing posts or content you create. Of course, no complaint can be made about it.


Ultimate Social Media Plus


Ultimate Social Media Plus plugin offers social analysis. Share This should be used to make your website socially known. One of the main reasons why it has become popular day by day. It has been downloaded more than a million times. Everyone likes to Ultimate Social Media Plus plugin. Here you will find a plus button that lets you show all the social media or networks you need on your website. You’re getting a free plug-in with over 120 social networks.



If the question comes to your mind where to add the social button on your website? Or where to use these social buttons. Your website visitors will not be inconvenienced. AddToAny is giving you that opportunity. Almost all the platforms social networks are getting. 


Where there are more than one hundred social networks. Your visitors can share reactions on more than 100 social networks. AddToAny plugin supports shortcodes. Think of the visitors can add a social share button to your WordPress site wherever they like.




If you ask me what the most modern one looks for a social share plugin? Then I’ll tell you about the Flare Social Share plugin. Because all social share plugins of WordPress look like Flare. Flare can add your widget to follow your blog. The Flare developer team is constantly working day and night to make their application a better version. Recently they were going to create a hosted application that supports the WordPress website.


Social Media Feather

The Social Media Feather plugin is very effective for increasing social interaction. Looking for a Lightweight plugin on your website, Social Media Feather is for you. And a hassle-free setup for social sharing gives you gift. And it has some inhouse features that you need to know.


If your users don’t want to create social interaction for some reason, the Social Media Feather plugin will not automatically load. It is based entirely on the user. That means the plugin will load only when users decide to share something. Social Media Feather is an option for managing a website quickly. So all bloggers should keep their website fast. Because keeping the website fast gives the visitor peace of mind.




You must be familiar with social bookmarking features. Shareaholic plays a vital role in letting you perform on social media. Shareaholic maybe your favorite reason for its great features. Shareaholic also looks at how you organize social share buttons. Plus it analyzes the full insights into how your social share buttons are performing in the media.


Dvk Social Sharing


Dvk Social Sharing gives you a special tool for sharing social media. Dvk Social Sharing is a lightweight social button that supports shortcodes. WordPress Web site encourages you to add social buttons anywhere.


Sassy Socia Share


Sassy provides an advanced tool to your users. Make your website familiar with Share Plugins at great speed. Your users are going to get a popular Sassy Socia Share social platform. In which social bookmarks support slick site. Slick gives you the option to share Pinterest pin buffer directly on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more.


Social Media Widget


Get a great social plugin for the WordPress website. The Social Media Widget plugin can be added to any sidebar of your website. You can do it yourself or by hiring someone else. But I believe you can do it yourself. Social Media Widget supports animation icons. And a subscription box is also added for your visitors to subscribe.


Floating Social Media


If you are looking for a simple configuration plugin then Social Media Widget is one of them. The Floating Social Media plugin offers more than 20+ icon styles. You can choose any style you like. It has multiple widgets and different sizes of icons. In addition, the Floating Social Media plugin supports shortcodes. Due to the size of the plugin, the loading speed of your web site does not matter.


Super Socializer


Work on websites or website development is called webmasters. Super Socializer social plugin can be a great way for webmasters. This is not just the best social plugin. Webmasters can earn through this. Because this plugin allows you to display ads in social media as well as in a specific box. Through it, you can earn some money in your pocket.


Simplified Social Sharing


WordPress users are all familiar with the forums. You can redirect your users to a specific place by using forums. Forum is supported by this Simplified Social Sharing plugin as well as posts and pages on your website. That is, if a user wants to share a post through the post again, the Simplified Social Sharing plugin will take you one step further. Simplified Social Sharing supports nearly 90 popular social sharing networks.


I’ve been talking about plugins so long, that all WordPress plugins allow you to download for free. Some of these are premium plugins that you can buy later for advanced use. I suggest you buy to get more features and more benefits. If you need any more plugins, stay tuned. We’ll come up with a better plugin idea in a future post. Besides, you can search our website with your suggestion name in the search option. If you find out, definitely give a few tips.


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