Knowing the definition of a computer is important first of all.

What is a Computer?

A computer is a machine that can perform mathematical calculations very quickly, following specific instructions.

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Now, What types of Computers?

Types of computers are usually classified based on the computer’s application, type of work, nature, size, capacity, cost, and importance of use. It is determined in a few ways. The following are briefly described each type of computer.

Computer types based on the application! Depending on the application area, a computer can usually be divided into two different types.

  1. General computer and
  2. Special computer

General Computer: Different types of programs are stored on a common computer. You can easily save, modify or delete your different programs as a usual personal home computer. The user can work through different programs as they needed.

Special computer: A special computer is made only for a specific reason or purpose. Only one specific program is stored on this computer. This program cannot be changed easily because it is permanently stored. Like a robot (car robot, human-robot), etc, etc.

And another way computer types based on the nature of the work! The first made computer is based on the type and nature of the work. They are:

  1. Analog Computer
  2. Digital computer
  3. Hybrid Computer

Analog Computer: Analog computer uses analog electrical signals instead of letters and numbers. The electric wave created for sunlight, heat, heat, pressure is taken as an analog computer input and the result is usually plotted with a plotter. Analog computers are used in the chemical, petroleum, and food processing industries.

Digital Computer: Digital computer receives information through letters or digits and publishes results. This computer performs precise mathematical and logical tasks. And collects data or data based on binary numbers 0 and 1.

Hybrid Computer: A hybrid computer is a computer composed of two types of analog and digital computers. Hybrid computers are used for scientific solutions. It is used in the heavy matter.

Other types of computers based on size, power, price, and importance of use! It depends on the size, capacity, price, and importance of usage, the digital computer can be divided into four categories.

  1. Supercomputer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Microcomputer

Supercomputer: Super Computer is a very powerful and fast computer. This computer is commonly used for scientific research and large organizations work. Examples: Cray-1, Cray X-MP, Cyber-205 Notable Powerful supercomputers.

Mainframe Computer: Mainframe computer is mainly used for important heavy work and large applications. It is used in demographics, industry, consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning, and transaction processing. Examples: Univac1100 / 01, IBM 6120, IBM 4341, NCR N8370, Data General CS30 Significant mainframe computer.

Mini Computer: It is known as the old computer. The computer world started with it. The mini-computer that can use almost half a hundred users to install a terminal. It is used in industrial trade and the laboratory. Examples: PDP-11, IBMS / 36, NCRS / 9290.

Know More About:

Microcomputer: Microcomputer is called a personal home computer or PC. Interface chip (motherboard), microprocessor, CPU, RAM, ROM, hard disk, etc. The use of this computer is used everywhere in everyday life. Examples: Laptop Computer.

The microcomputer or personal home computer can be divided into three parts again.

  1. Super Micro Computer
  2. Desktop Computer
  3. Laptop Computer

Super Micro Computer: Super Micro Computer is the world’s most powerful microcomputer. Another name the work station. The power of this computer is close to any mini-computer, they occupy the space of a mini-computer.

Desktop Computer: A desktop computer is a personal home computer that can be used for everyday work in one place, usually on a desk or table. A desktop computer generally has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a CPU or box. Examples: IBM PC, Apple Macintosh.

Laptop Computer: A laptop computer is a portable version of the computer, which can be used very easily on a coil. It can be taken wherever it pleases. However, there are some disadvantages. I will highlight the difficulty of laptops in another post. Examples: Toshiba, HP, Dell, Samsung, Apple Macbook.

Laptop computers can be divided into two categories.

  1. NoteBook
  2. PDA

NoteBook: A Small diary and shaped laptop. These are called notebooks.

PDA: PDA is a kind of personal laptop.

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