Linux can be found everywhere, from supercomputers to hand clocks. And I can swear that Linux also powers the phone in your hand, Linux is everywhere! Now many will ask, why do most people use Windows on their computer? Well, I put this topic for a different article, and now let’s talk about why I moved permanently to Linux, why it’s just better than the Windows operating system!

Before getting started, it is important to have some basic knowledge about Linux, and just cover already various articles, just in case you do not already know. I found the links below;

Linux Free of Cost

My main reason for moving to Linux is that it’s completely free! Just download the favorite Distro, and you will be ready to use it when installed. You do not need to purchase anything or enter a license key.

Now many will say, “I use Windows, but where am I not buying anything!” Well, Brother, you do not know how much in the computer world yet, but without knowing piracy.

In many Distro, the software does not installed separately. All the working software such as Office, image editing software, browser, media player, etc. is installed when installing OS.

Linux will automatically find and download all the drivers you need. Now many graphics cards can easily support Linux. That means installing Linux on the computer and start using, no problem.

Linux is free and is the most sought after security item. Working on the Linux open-source system, all the programmers and developers all over the world add new features to Linux to fix any errors. Being such nature of Linux makes it possible to provide it free. Moreover, big companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Intel, etc. serve as the backbone of the Linux Foundation.

Linux Means Independence

Linux is completely free. That means not only getting the benefit of free use but also having the ability to do whatever you want. You can install anything, remove anything from the OS. Entering his Just Ordinary Command-Line. And do not even have to remember the command lines. Just Google is your best friend.

After six months of using regular Linux, I didn’t even have to remember a single command. But fearing this command line, many do not dare to use Linux. And yes, software installed in Linux? That is a whole better for windows software installation.


Where Windows users are busy finding the right software download link for the correct PC model, I can install any software in a single line using the apt-get command from Just Terminal.

I do not have to search any links, do not go to any website, do not have to download any software package, I do not have to press Next in any setup wizard. In Linux, the software manager loaded various categories of software and downloads any software and installed it on the system.

However, if you do not use the Internet on a PC (But the question is who does not use the Internet in 2021).

Most Distros in Linux have a graphical interface software manager, similar to your phone’s Play Store or iPhone’s App Store. Yes, there is an app store in Linux a few years earlier than the Android Play Store or Apple’s App Store, which many may not know. Installing or uninstalling the software there is as simple as water, just like your phone.


But installing software on Linux using the command line, it’s easier and looks cool to me. Another exciting thing is that you can update all installed software and operating systems of Linux by just one click. You can update them whenever you want, or you can use them without any updates.

Like Windows, you have to update or restart your PC to work, no problem in Linux. It also has a live kernel feature, which means it can be updated while the PC is running. (Interesting) However, this is not always the case, many times after the restart of the PC.

Performance – Importance

As long as Linux’s praised, everything is fine, but the real reason for moving to Linux is its performance. I use an old laptop for blogging, so I haven’t upgraded the computer for several years since the machine has never been a problem, and my daily work can be done well.

I have been using Windows 7 for about many years, first started by logging to PC, even though Windows 7 was handled well. Then I tried Ubuntu once, but I didn’t have much fun, maybe I was too lazy to know, or I could never really experience the joy.

However, I installed the latest Ubuntu on my laptop, and I don’t think I’m using an old device. Linux RAM management is so good! Yes, not much multi-tasking can be expected from an old laptop, but all of a sudden, my old machine finds it back to life.


So that’s my own story when it comes to Linux and performance, there are many stories to tell. For example, if you are using an old laptop in the Egyptian pyramid, then there are Linux Distro for that. You can even find Linux OS with a graphical interface for 5 MB RAM system.

You can run Linux on a supercomputer to perform all the supercomputing tasks, and then you can fill Linux in a calculator and calculate it as Just Special Addition. Not only that, but Linux can also give you the complete desktop experience, and again it is worth ten thousand devices through Raspberry.

Linux is Stable Thing

Windows users do not suffer from the slightest app crash problem, where Windows users are left with a blue screen of death. Although my Blue Screen of Death problem may not have been such a problem, I know many people have this problem.

They work suddenly to fail drivers, crash the software, especially the Windows file manager, and the desktop suddenly disappears. There is absolutely no such problem in Linux.


Linux is something that you can rely on. Most of the servers in the world run on Linux. The servers open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year. If the software crashes, it will not business? For this reason, Linux has been made to the Possible Stable.

Many hardware drivers find bugs for which the system can be unstable. But Linux users don’t have to wait for the bug fix. Since the drivers are open source, there is more chance that someone from the community will dig the software and fix the bug, however, in the case of the proprietary driver.

Linux Open Source

Yes, Linux is open source, and the most significant advantage is security, privacy, and transparency. If you are tech-savvy enough, you can read the entire operating system from the Linux code. No matter which software permissions are playing with some of your data, you can find everything.

Like Windows, it has very few close-ups, so privacy is the higher level, and there is no virus count. Well, you might not be a huge geek, but surely somebody is a geek, Right?

You can find out a lot about how secure the software is or accessing some of your data with various search engines like Google and Yahoo. It’s fun, but right here, millions of people have eyes on your software. So no one can easily access you by hiding malicious code.


My most favorite part of Linux is customization. Linux distros are no exception. Everything is modular, and you can customize everything wherever you like. Give your Linux machine the look of the MacBook Pro, you can also look for Windows 7, with virtually any form of Linux possible.

You can change the entire desktop environment in Linux, not just a theme or icon packs. Look and fill different for every desktop software. So, having an interface like Windows doesn’t mean living forever.

Another fun feature of Linux is the virtual desktop feature. Mac and Windows have this feature. But since the birth of Linux, there have been virtually virtual desktop features that have been added to Mac and Windows nowadays.

Meanwhile, you can create custom UIs with various elements of the desktop using Nome and KDE. Can you think of these with Windows?

Another exciting thing is that you can use Linux without completely deleting the graphical user interface. Linux is mainly made for servers that do not have a graphical interface. The Linux operating system can be thoroughly browsed from the terminal itself. From the terminal, it is possible to access all system settings from ear to ear.

Not just visual customization. You can add one distort feature. Windows users can’t imagine that. If the missing elements of added to Windows 7. But that is all about Linux.

Pocket Linux

A live version of any Linux distro can be made a USB drive. That means you do not even have to install any OS to test the hardware of any PC. It’s portable. Just made live USB.

You can browse the entire Linux OS without installing it from Live USB, which will work like a fully functional OS. But this is a serious benefit to Internet privacy. Where different websites can easily truck you, run the live operating system, connect the Internet. No files will be stored, so computer tracking will not be possible.

Community Another great thing about Linux is its Super Size Big Community. As far as Linux issues, get some suggestions on Google Just Simply. And the problem never happened to anyone that has already been fixed by the community. Especially if you are using Ubuntu-based Distro, it does not matter to the solution.


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