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Microsoft is well known for all their advanced products. Windows 10 is their latest computer operating system. Microsoft has announced the latest operating system is more powerful and more reliable.

You can easily finish your daily tasks using Microsoft’s operating system. Although you had to buy earlier versions operating. But now Microsoft offers Windows 10 absolutely free. This may be good news for you.

Microsoft will not build any operating system after Windows 10. Because Windows 10 is a self-contained operating system. Microsoft is adding all its latest features and updates to the Windows 10 operating system.

When using Windows10, You must enable the auto-update system. Because with each update, your device becomes more powerful.

If your friend ever asks, which version of Windows are you using? What would you answer him then? Start searching for which version you are using. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, you’ll never find out. This very annoying thing.

I will talk about three ways to check the latest Windows operating system version. In any case, you should remember at least one.

  • Windows Explorer
  • Windows Settings
  • Command Prompt

Windows Explorer – Version Check

Known as the simplest method. All operating systems are supported by Microsoft Windows Explorer. Using Windows 7 can find the version applied to this method. However, you will not find other important information.

So let’s get started. Press Windows + E first. After opening Windows Explorer, right-click the mouse and go to the Properties option below.


Here you can see all the important computer information. Which is what you are looking for. Windows version is expected to be there.

Windows Settings – Version Check

Microsoft has added a new setting option with Windows 10. Which is very powerful and informative. From the control panel to the rich setting panel. All windows options where input.

Go to Windows Notification Options, which will be available with the taskbar.


Find out the settings from many options. Expand if is hidden. And enter in the settings.


Click on the first option in the system. The last option on the left is supposed to be About. Click on it. The full specification of your device can be seen here.


TipsRename your computer.

Command Prompt – Version Check

Many people love to solve problems through the command line. Because the Windows operating system supports a graphical interface, many people do not like the command line. Good news for them. All problems with Windows can be resolved with the command.

To check the version, the command line plays a big role. By typing just 1 word, you’ll get the results you want. You can surprise everyone.

You can identify yourself as a minor programmer by using the command line. Because at least you can do one thing.

Let’s see – How to Check Windows 10 Version on CMD


Go to the Windows search option. Type CMD. Open directly.

Just type in “systeminfo”. If you love the command line.


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