If you own a WordPress website, you will always be like a fighter without a marketing tool. You must use these WordPress marketing tools to present yourself in the right way. And be prepared to prove yourself the best.

After launching your site, it is important to have a solid eye on it. If you are not strict with your site, it will be difficult to find it on the internet. So once you fully launch your site, you need to find a way to make it visible on the Internet.

Let’s find out how you, have to prove yourself the best. Spend a few minutes patiently getting acquainted with some of our following WordPress marketing tools

Google Analytics

google analytics marketing tool

It is now almost impossible to find people who don’t know about Google. Google is always giving us their free service. Google Analytics is a Google product. Google Analytics is the best of many other marketing tools to fully monitor your website. This and this one alone.

Google Analytics takes great insight into the visitors to your site and their specific behavior. Using Google Analytics, you can track every action your audience takes on the site. And speaking fully you are able to read their minds.

I want you to know that they have an idea of ​​what they did and what they would do. To be more specific about what you can search with Google Analytics, you need to have your Google Dashboard well-organized. In a nutshell, this is an amazing statistics software.

During a specific time period, you can view the number of users, page views, pages by session and session, user bounce rate, session timeout, most popular posts, and pages, number of live users viewed, conversions and more on a single platform.

There is no cost for you to use Google Analytics. It’s a complete Google product and you can combine Google Analytics with your WordPress web site with a simple embed code.


Sendinblue Marketing Tool

Email is an important medium for promoting a business on the internet or through the website. When your customer visits your website and passes through his email, email plays a very important role as a marketing area for the record. will teach you how to market email to people returning to your site SendinBlue. SendinBlue is the other best WordPress marketing tool.

SendinBlue collaborates with you to draft a beautiful email. It has a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard. You can keep all your email retail and user lists carefully.

SendinBlue will help you transmit email and even mobile messages to your marketing email transactions. Let’s say you email your people for the first time. SendinBlue stores all your records in its own custody. Once you have sent the email, you will receive detailed reports and statistics from SendinBlue. You can see how much your work has progressed and your client’s complete movement here.

SendinBlue is used to make payments. Because it provides you with many services as a private organization. But it also has a free plan. You can send up to 300 emails a day. And SendinBlue gives you the full benefit of sending a total of 9,000 emails per month. I suggest you use the free one first to get started. And I think this is a reasonable proposition to start now.

Yoast SEO Marketing Tool

Yoast SEO Plugin

A functional free plugin in the huge library of WordPress is not a mistake. SEO plays an important role in search engine optimization. And this is arguably the most popular WordPress marketing plugin. And there’s a chance to download it completely for free. If you visit their official website you can see that it is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins so far.

The Yoast SEO Plugin is constantly updating its latest features. This plugin brings together three important settings for each post and post on your website. This is exactly what you need for Google Rankings. The three settings are Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword.

Using this plugin tells you how strong and how weak the new posts you are, and which aspects need to be repaired. The Yoast SEO plugin motivates you to use your right keyword.

Tweet Old Post

tweet old post plugin

When you start writing a new post and publish it, the Tweet Old Post plugin lets you automatically promote posts on social media. Tweet Old Post will save you a lot of time. Many times during the day you can forget about the posts you need. You will find many settings options for WordPress marketing tools to save and restore old posts. You can set lots of things about the daily stocks.

This plugin can be downloaded for free and used on your website. You can set up a plugin to share how old a post is to be shared, how many posts should be shared per day, and how many times each should be shared, what kind of article should be posted, and more.

Elementor Builder Plugin

Elementor Page Builder

When you use a powerful content management system like WordPress, you will want to make sure that every one of your websites is well designed. In general, WordPress allows you to create your own page or post. But the funny thing is that you can’t completely fill your pages or posts with that builder.

That’s why you need a page builder. This Elementor Builder Plugin is probably the most popular WordPress marketing tools and visual page creator for WordPress. This plugin lets you create a lot of layouts, template form, and landing pages, which make your site look great.

Other than that, it is extremely straightforward and easy to use. Any new children will learn to use it in their first experience. When you take more action steps socially, this plugin will increase the page’s acceptance by implementing the new functionality you have.

The Elementor Builder Plugin helps you create whole pages through drag-and-drop. In addition to complete coding knowledge, you can make your website more attractive by just using this plugin.


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