Many times your mind will want to add a good and informative rating plugin for your WordPress blog. Let your user influence the post. They get permission to vote there. It’s an easy way, allowing users to vote. Users enjoy the rating system on your posts or pages.

The rating plugin works mainly depending on the polling system. Here you will see rating icons in different styles. Such as star rating, button rating system, etc. Learn about some of the best WordPress rating plugins through this post.

List of 15 WordPress Rating Plugin

  1. kk Star Ratings
  2. Rate my Post
  3. Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings
  4. WP-PostRatings
  5. Rating-Widget: Star Review System
  6. Reviews and Rating – Google Business
  7. Thumbs Rating
  8. GD Rating System
  9. Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating
  10. Like Button Rating LikeBtn
  11. Site Reviews
  12. Rating by BestWebSoft
  13. WP-Polls
  14. Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings
  15. Multi Rating

kk Star Ratings


A great plugin for adding rating systems. kk Star Ratings supports star icons. Also for WordPress website I used the kk Star Rating plugin myself. The Star Rating plugin is very easy to use. And the plugin also has shortcodes to make it easier. With the system, you can add a rating system anywhere on your website.


Rate my Post


By using the Rate my Post plugin, it gives users a place to post posts. Many times your users are encouraged to rate. The plugin should give it a chance. The importance of the rate my Post plugin is immense importance choosing the subject of your WordPress blog post or page.


Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings


If you simply want to add a rating system to your WordPress blog site, you can try out the Crowdsignal Polls & rating plugin. It allows you to easily associate with a WordPress blog.

If you want to need Social Share Plugin – Click Here. Best Social Share Plugin have you expect.

Moreover, this plugin has a style building to display the rating. And you can create your own style anytime you want. It’s like your personal If you do not agree with Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings.




You will be surprised to hear the name of WP-PostRatings. The best WP-PostRatings plugin out of all of WordPress. And it’s a great WordPress plugin. The Wpbeginner company created the WP-PostRatings plugin just like any other day. And you can use this plugin very easily.


Rating-Widget Star Review System


Among the popular and great plugins, I would prefer the Rating-Widget Star Review System plugin first. Because it’s different from a hundred plugins. And ranked number one as the best. It gives you a rating as well as all other benefits.

That means you can add your top rated posts within a plugin. The posts that users rate the most, you will get a widget to sort the posts. And users will be the first to see the highest-rated posts when they visit your blog.


Reviews and Rating – Google Business


You are about to receive a unique best feature with the Google Business Plugin. Why is this plugin being called the best? The Google Business Plugin enables you to vote in the gallery. Others may already vote for this plugin separately from registered users. And set different ratings from your images.

Some rating systems include the Google Business Plugin. Dropdown star rating or Like Dislike rating. You can visit the website which rating system you like best.


Thumbs Rating


If you have a little coding knowledge, you can easily customize the Thumbs Rating Plugin. Thumbs Rating is a lightweight app rating plugin. Which helps to button your WordPress site anywhere. And as I said before, it is easily customizable.

Moreover, the Thumbs Rating plugin supports shortcodes. Can you install the plugin yourself? But if it is not possible to install it alone, check the installation process from their official page.


GD Rating System


You can never compare the GD Rating System to the old plugins. The GD Rating System plugin lets you rate everything. The GD Rating System plugin is working with all the great features and benefits.

This is also possible if you think you want to comment. The GD Rating System plugin has various features like image and post-paid comment presentation feed. Plus it supports shortcodes that save you time and effort.


Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating


Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating plugin supports top widgets if you want to invite someone for comment. It’s very easy to use and lets you rate all your content. There is an option to change the font size color to your liking. You can easily integrate a blog by adding a simple widget.


Like Button Rating LikeBtn


The Like Button Rating LikeBtn plugin plays a very useful role when you want to rate a number of products within the number five. Offer users to rate your product or blogging content.

Users are very pleased with the Like Button Rating, which provides the advantage of rating via the LikeBtn plugin. And it’s possible with one click.


Site Reviews


You can download and use the Site Reviews plugin for free. You can add active beautiful buttons to your posts that allow users to kill posts. That is, posts and pages come alive when they are given a rating. By adding custom buttons to the blog, many more features like display rating score display and display can be shown to the user through the Site Reviews plugin.


Rating by BestWebSoft


If you want to add a very simple Ajax calling system to your blog, then the Rating by BestWebSoft plugin is great for you. Because it is very customizable and can be easily integrated into your own website. The loading of the web site does not matter. It does not allow the user to enter into any conflicts. It will take away your mind very easily.




WP-Polls can be one of the best ways to add a polling system. You can give users a way to vote. Or you can put a vote on what matters best to them. This allows users to love your web site even more. Your focus will be more on what matters to them.


Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings


The Crowdsignal Polls & rating plugin comes with a unique opportunity to better present the signal thing to you. You will be notified by a signal as to how much users have rated your post.


Multi Rating


You can use the Multi Rating plugin to get a better idea of the website rating. It is possible to rate up to five stars through the plugin. And supports Multi Rating shortcodes. Which sets you apart from different environments. And creates a sensation within users.



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