It is not surprising to see the title but should be appealing. Because, in fact, only writing an essay, it is such a big issue again, it cannot be conceived, it can be done, and many are doing it. Why aren’t you?

Because you may not know that you can earn income by writing an article, why only 500$, it is possible to make millions. Or you might know, but not ready. Or how to start article writing and where to start. If you had known before, it would have been time to overcome all the doubts and limitations. And now maybe 500$ why, more than he used to earn every month. How? Keep reading-

Article Writing Income

Here I will introduce you to some websites that give you 50$ to 500$ per article. There are sites where only one piece is available for 500$. Although you can write one essay per day, I assume it will take you two days to write an article. In that month your article will be written 15. No more than 25$ to 500$, the auction will only get you 50$ on average. Calculate how much it costs at (15$*50$). Got it, haven’t you? 750$, Right?

Read the article at the end to know how to earn an income by writing an article, and go to each website to find out more details and check if they make so much money. I took a screenshot to clear your doubts.

Site Name – Bitch Media


Bitch Media is an online portal for the Bitch Media education group, a well-known entertainment company in New York City, USA. The entrance was launched in 1999 by two college friends. The main objects of the portal include the pleasures of college life, videos, pictures, and lifestyle, and so on.

Here 35$ is paid for a small article on a single page and 50$ for a larger one-page piece.

What to write

  • Anything that has its roots in humor.
  • Media affairs.
  • Maybe the joke.
  • Maybe a fun article.
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Technology

How to write

  • Open a Bitch Media Account.
  • Go to the article submission page.
  • Enter any of your funny articles and click the submit button
  • Wait until you get a clearance from the edit area

If your item is selected on the edit table, they will confirm by sending you an e-mail.

Go to Bitch Media

Site Name – Wow Women


One of the wonderful aspects of Wow Women is that they prioritize, promote, and inspire women to write. This does not mean that men cannot write; they are also allowed to write. However, the content of the writing should be for women.

The main purpose of women is to expose women to writing, so most of their articles are about the book. This site is primarily a writer’s factory. Start with 50$ per write-up and 75$ later.

What to write

  • Things that are related to the lifestyle of women.
  • Is something that works in the daily life of women?
  • Things that are useful to the intellect and mind of women.
  • Things that are helpful to women, family, society, and business.
  • Things that encourage women to write make them efficient.

How to write

Make sure the topic you are trying to write about has not been published here. If the same issue is already published, your chances of getting published will be greatly reduced. How do you understand whether this has already been written about?

Search their site by typing the keywords of your chosen topic. How to do suppose your topic is a home business idea for women, then type this line into the search box and hit enter. If anything is written about it, it will show you. If not, you are the one to start.

Make sure your text is between 1500 and 3000 words long. That is, do not write less than 1500 words or more than 3000 words.

Take a look at how your writing will benefit readers. Suppose you are writing an event in your own life, no problem. But if there is nothing to be learned from that event, then the problem is. So, whatever you write, keep in mind what will work for those who read it.

Go to Wow Women

Site Name – Funds for Writers


Funds for Writers is a Sister Concert by Gadgitech Ltd, one of London’s leading companies. Work Online Blog is a perfect site for writers, preliners, bloggers, and those who work with online careers and online businesses. If you write an article in at least 1500 wards on this blog, you will be honored with 50$ per article.

What to write

Something that helps others starts a business or run a business.

Listing type article is best—for example, 20 new business ideas or 20 mistakes that are harmful to the business. Write 20 because if you do a listing, it must be at least 20, that’s their rule.

You can write business techniques sharing articles or business consulting articles.

If you can write a little different material, you will get the chance to write here regularly.

How to write

First, you need to fill out an application form, where you will have to give some information, including your name, e-mail address to contact, what to write – plain text, listings, or anything else.

In this form, the title, the main body, and everything else is given. Click the button below to see.

Go to Funds for Writers

Site Name – List Versus


List Versus is a top list site in America that is the top ten listings. Publishing a listing article here will get 100$.

You don’t have to be an expert to write here. To be fairly good in English, to have the Sense of Humor, and to be unusual, you have an intense love for things that don’t happen often.

What to write

  • You can write common sense, whatever the topic may be.
  • Can write about strange, unusual, unwanted, crazy topics. These things are the main focus here.
  • You can write about art, literature, music, TV, movies or games.
  • You can write about food, health, sports, and dust.
  • You can even write about science.

How to write

If you want to write about the topic, you must write ten listings. Suppose you want to write that all the superstitions are still in place for the time being on such a subject. So write – 10 fears that have been going on since time immemorial.

Go to List Versus

Give the article an interesting title, and write a nice introduction, then go to the list.

The writing must be your own. Can’t copy-paste from anywhere.

Most importantly, you need to have a PayPal account before you can enter your payment to open it. However, you cannot apply.

Not only this site, but almost all the website’s payment options are also PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you cannot write to many places. What to do? There are ways, slowly know. Stay tuned, bookmark our site, will help.

Here is the 8th episode of writing this article on how to earn income. In the next phase, you will find many other important site addresses where you will undoubtedly make at least 500$ a month. If you prepare yourself perfectly and take this as your profession, you can earn 500$, not much. How? With us. Gradually, everything will be revealed in front of you.

And don’t forget to share this article. If the people around you start trying, it will be to your benefit. Share ideas collaborate.


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